CATHEDRAL CITY — On May 24, 2017, Cathedral City became the first city in the Coachella Valley to adopt the sanctuary city designation. The City Council voted 3-2 in favor of recognizing current city immigration policies and officially declaring Cathedral City as a place where all families can live without the fear of local law enforcement seeking their immigration or citizenship status.

Stan Henry and Mark Carnevale cast the opposing pair of votes.

Against that backdrop the City Council of Cathedral City issued a proclamation recognizing the month of June as Immigrant Heritage Month.

Cathedral City Honors Immigrant Heritage Month

One year ago, Cathedral City became the first city in the Coachella Vallley to adopt the sanctuary city designation. (Courtesy photo)

Cathedral City Honors Immigrant Heritage Month

One year ago, the City Council chambers were packed as councilors discussed whether to adopt sanctuary city designation. (Courtesy photo)

Immigrant Heritage Month is designed as an opportunity for the community to reflect on its shared immigrant heritage, and to celebrate the meaningful and positive ways immigrants impact communities across the country.

“Cathedral City is an inclusive-city,” Mayor Pro Tem Greg Pettis told Uken Report. “We believe in the values and rights of all our residents, native born or foreign born.  Our nation is made from immigrants and our ability to live and prosper as a nation is a tribute to the women and men from all countries that have chosen the USA as home.”

Cathedral City is proud of its residents, their heritage, customs and beliefs.

“This is important because we all are immigrants and it was immigrants that build this country to be the greatest in the world,” Mayor Stan Henry told Uken Report. “We need to remember our past and celebrate our heritage.”

In Cathedral City, immigrants enrich the community through their civic and economic contributions, and help the city build a stronger future through their hard work, talents, and American values. The diverse immigrant community has helped the State of California create an economic engine that is equal to the fifth largest economy in the world, city leaders said.

“Unless your heritage is derived from Native American Indians, then all of us are considered immigrants or descendants of immigrants,” Henry said in a prepared statement.  “Immigrants have brought with them new ideas, skill sets, and cultural practices that have led to scientific and medical breakthroughs, technological advances, arts and entertainment masterpieces, and a plethora of cuisine choices envied by the most accomplished master chefs.”

The City Council joins dozens of elected leaders in recognizing June as Immigrant Heritage Month.  Cathedral City is committed to fostering a welcoming place for individuals from all backgrounds and all walks of life, and building an inclusive community for all.  The City proclamation reaffirms that pledge, according to city leaders. You may read the proclamation here.