A Trio of Cathedral City Incumbents Plan to Seek Re-election in November

CATHEDRAL CITY — Incumbents Mayor Ernesto Gutierrez and Councilmembers Mark Carnevale and Raymond Gregory have all confirmed for Uken Report that they will seek re-election this fall.

The 2022 election Cathedral City will be held Nov. 8.

The trio make up the majority of the five-member City Council. Other members are Mayor Pro Tem Rita Lamb and Councilmember Nancy Ross.

Gutierrez, who represents District 4, was first elected to the serve on the City Council in November 2018.

“We are a great, cohesive group,” Gutierrez told Uken Report. “We’ve achieved a lot of great things and there is so much more to do. Every day you learn something new but when you serve as mayor you really realize there is so much more to learn and to know.”

The position of mayor rotates annually among members of the City Council.

Carnevale, the longest serving member of the City Council, was elected in November 2014. He ran on the principles of being a careful listener to his constituents, improving police and fire services, and increasing economic development opportunities in the north side, downtown as well as targeted areas throughout Cathedral City. Carnevale represents District 3.

“There are still some things I want to do.” Carnevale said.

Gregory, who represents District 5, said, that despite some occasional differences, “The Council is working well together. We are trying to do what’s best for the city and its residents.”

Gutierrez, Carnevale and Gregory each said they plan a formal announcement in May.

To date, the only one who appears to have a challenger is Gutierrez. Pastor Enrique “Rick” Saldivar told Uken Report in December that he was planning to challenge Gutierrez. Learn more about him here. 





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