CATHEDRAL CITY — This community is at least the second city in Southern California to prohibit cannabis advertising near sensitive uses and areas as well as billboards depicting certain images.

At the recommendation of the Cathedral City Planning Commission, the City Council approved a billboard ordinance to prohibit cannabis billboard advertising within 1,000 feet of a day care center, public or private school, a city park, youth center or the public library.  It also prohibits on all billboards the depiction of smoking, vaping, or any images that might be attractive to children such as cartoons.

San Diego cracked down on marijuana billboard ads earlier this year after many months of analyzing the issue,. The City Council unanimously approved banning marijuana billboard ads within 1,000 feet of schools, playgrounds, day care centers, youth centers and public parks with playgrounds.

In Cathedral City, there are three billboards currently located within 1,000 feet of a sensitive area, two are located on Ramon Road east of Landau Boulevard and the third one is located near the corner of Dinah Shore Drive and Date Palm Drive.  These would be prohibited from any cannabis advertising once the ordinance goes into effect.

For all other billboards throughout the city, the ads can only depict the cannabis company name, location, hours of operation, and other relevant information but may not depict the use of the product and may not use characters or message that would appeal to children.

Billboards on tribal land are not subject to the restrictions in the Cathedral City Municipal Code.

The City Council will also continue to confer with legal counsel to see if additional restrictions may be imposed later similar to restrictions on alcohol advertising without interfering with the businesses’ constitutional rights.

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  • Marijuana billboard: Shutterstock