CATHEDRAL CITY — When it comes to fashion, Hollywood, makeup and more, this community proves it’s a player time and time again. Most recently, an episode of Bravo TV’s show “Married to Medicine – Los Angeles” was shot here.

Season 2, episode 9 of Bravo TV’s hit show has the cast in the greater Palm Springs area for a ladies’ getaway from Los Angeles.  The episode, shot back in December before the COVID-19 pandemic, shows the cast ending their dinner at Melvyn’s in Palm Springs and then being chauffeured to Cathedral City’s “The Runway” restaurant and bar to take in a drag show. The show is emceed by Bella da Ball and starring Cat City Drag Race Winner Angelique VaGorgeous as well as Amp’s Sports Lounge Co-Owner Paulie Ester.

You might also catch a glimpse of many Cathedral City residents, including Mayor Pro Tem Raymond Gregory and City Manager Charlie McClendon, according to Chris Parman, communications manager.

In 2019, two of the biggest names in fashion – Yves Saint Laurent and Hollister Co. –  hand-selected this community to serve as the backdrop for a photo shoot and a pop-up cosmetics station.

The Hollister Co., a brand of Abercrombie & Fitch Co., is a global teen clothing company with 540 retail locations, including Westfield Palm Desert. It chose to showcase its models in the Rainbow Crossing in this progr

Rainbow Crossing, the first-of-its-kind crossing in the Coachella Valley, was unveiled in March 2016. It symbolizes and celebrates diversity.

The crossing was heralded as an important step to recognize the historic progress in the civil rights movement.

Consisting of six colored stripes, The Rainbow Crossing was designed in accordance to the Rainbow Flag created by San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker in 1978 including the color red to symbolize “life,” orange for “healing,” yellow for “sunlight,” green for “nature,” blue for “harmony,” and purple for “spirit.”

Rich Bokides, an independent location manager, scouted the location for the Hollister Co. and Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick Station.

Yves Saint-Laurent, was a French fashion designer who, in 1961, founded his eponymous fashion label. He is regarded as being among the foremost fashion designers in the twentieth century

The lipstick station included a makeup bus, balloons, a giant lipstick tube, and more.

It was located on land near the corner of East Palm Canyon Drive and Allen Avenue. The structure resembled a mid-century gas station that was used to sell and promote Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics.





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