Rick Saldivar earns crucial endorsement of influential CCPOA

CATHEDRAL CITY — In a stunning announcement Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 18, the Cathedral City Police Officers’ Association said it has endorsed Rick Saldivar for City Council representing District 4.

CCPOA Endorses Rick Saldivar for City CouncilUntil now, the Association has only lent its voice to unseating first-term incumbent Ernest Gutierrez who currently represents District 4. The 36-member union erected a billboard on Date Palm and 30th Avenue asking residents in District 4 to “Support Your Local Police Department. Vote ‘No’ on Ernesto Gutierrez for City Council.”

Mailers, with a similar message, are also being distributed and signs are being staked in the ground throughout the city.

The message is abundantly clear. The CCPOA has long grown weary of Gutierrez’s meddling and name-calling, and it wants him gone. Gutierrez has accused officers of being lazy, playing video games on the job and being overpaid. He posted salaries of police and fire personnel on his Ernesto Gutierrez for City Council Facebook page and called it “A MUST SEE!”

“This important information was posted on Facebook by a concerned resident,” Gutierrez wrote. “WHY IS OUR POLICE & FIRE DEPARTMENT AFRAID OF YOU KNOWING??…. Can our city afford to pay this (sic) salaries?”

Frankly, those salaries are published each year to Transparent California for all the world to see. There is nothing secret about them.

Members of the CCPOA met with Saldivar, President Jesse Borrego told Uken Report.

“After hearing his heart, his plans for the city and sharing his personal journey with us, it was apparent, Rick Saldivar is the change the residents of this wonderful city need,” Borrego said. “His integrity and unwavering love for the community is unquestionable.”

In addition to the endorsement, Borrego said officers will be distributing Saldivar’s brochure along with their own when they begin knocking on doors on Saldivar’s behalf.

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