First Pre-Election Statement for Election 2022 Sheds light on Fundraising

CATHEDRAL CITY — Ernesto Gutierrez, who is finishing his first term in office as mayor, more than doubled the fundraising efforts of his most formidable challenger, Rick Saldivar, according to campaign finance records filed with the city.

For the period July 1 to Sept. 24, Gutierrez reported total contributions of $34,200 while Saldivar raised $15,739. Gutierrez recorded $17,443 in expenditures, Saldivar reported $4,569.

Gutierrez ended the period with a cash balance of $16,756, Saldivar reported a cash balance of $11,128.

Among his contributions, Gutierrez listed a $5,000 contribution and a $2,000 donation to his campaign from himself. They are not listed as loans.

Both candidates sought support from outside Cathedral City, including in Palm Desert, Indio, Palm Springs.

Nachhattar Singh personally donated $2,000 to Gutierrez.

Riverside County Fourth District Supervisor V. Manuel Perez donated $2,500 to Saldivar. Saldivar’s fundraising efforts also garnered $500 from the Albert J Carvalho and Shelley M Kaplan Trust. Kaplan is a former member of the City Council.

David Koslow, who has sued the city over outsourcing the collection of fees from vehicle or municipal code citations, is also challenging Mayor Ernesto Gutierrez for a four-year term to represent District 4 on the City Council. Koslow did not file a campaign finance report.

Koslow refused to pay the $500 fee for inclusion of a ‘Campaign Statement’ in the official Voter Information Pamphlet and refused pay the $250 fee for inclusion of a ‘Campaign Statement’ in the official Voter Information Website.  He said he would not purchase lists of names and addresses of Cathedral City’s District 4 registered voters,

He also said he will not purchase campaign circulars or postcards and will not purchase postage to send circulars or postcards to District 4’s registered voters.

“I value trees and don’t want them to be sawed down to generate paper products printed on my behalf,” Koslow said.  “I believe that the promotion of democracy in this County and throughout this Country depends upon an active and independent investigatory press and media, through which the candidates are able to present their views and to oppose the views of opponents.”

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