How Will You Celebrate National Hugging Day During COVID-19?

January 21 is National Hug Day in the USA. This holiday has become popular in other countries where it is called Hugging Day or Hug Day.

The purpose of the day is to help everyone show more emotion in public. The only way to celebrate the day is by offering a hug to anyone and everyone you want. While National Hug Day and the Free Hugs Campaign share many similarities, there is not an association between the two.

This year’s day comes amidst a global pandemic in which residents are encouraged to stay socially distanced from one another, So, what will you do? Get creative, Send a hug emoji or two or three or … Send friends and loved one a coupon for a free hug or more when the pandemic subsides.

The idea for National Hug Day belongs to The Rev. Kevin Zaborney, who introduced this holiday on January 21, 1986 in Clio, Mich. This holiday had to encourage others to hug everyone, no matter who they are: members of family, friends or strangers. Hugging has many benefits for our health. Different studies prove that hugging helps build a good immune system and decrease risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure and trigger the release of healthy hormones.

“People do need positive human interaction,” the Rev. Kevin Zaborney, creator of National Hugging Day, told The Christian Post. “Hugging is a safe way to do so.”

Even Jesus hugged. Read Mark 10:13-16, he cited.

A hug or just 10 minutes of holding hands with a romantic partner reduces stress and its harmful physical effects. Hugging your romantic partner is the best for your health, but don’t avoid hugs with your friend or even stranger on National Hug Day. Maybe you will become a new hugging champion.

The record of most hugs given by one person in one hour belongs to Nick Vujicic. He hugged 1,749 people at an expo centre in Oregon in 2010.

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