Total cost for the project at Century Park is of $301,482.69.

CATHEDRAL CITY — In 2021, the City Council allocated $2.1 million for parks improvements and vowed to rehabilitate and improve park facilities. Councilors have achieved that with Panorama Park and now are focused on Century Park.

At its regular meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 24, the City Council will be asked to authorize the City Manager to execute the documents required to refurbish the existing Century Park playground equipment and replace the playground soft surface topcoat for $116,834.35. The Council is also expected to give the City Manager authority to sign an agreement to purchase a structure to cover the
playground in the amount of $110,824.03.

Also, on the table is authorizing the Engineering/Public Works and Administrative Services Director to execute all required quotes and proposals for the labor and materials to complete the Project including
tables, benches, and grills in the amount of $25,034.79 and the replace the shade structures roofing systems in the amount of $21,382.00, respectively.

Total cost for the project at Century Park is of $301,482.69, which includes a 10% contingency for unforeseen construction related expenses. The money will come from FY 2021-22 and 22-23 Parks
Improvement and Maintenance Plan, Environmental Conservation Fund and current FY Park Maintenance Budget.

By way of background, Century Park opened July 4, 1990, and is located is the northeastern portion of Cathedral City south of Interstate 10, and more specifically at the northwest intersection of Century
Park Drive and DaVall Drive, ¾ of a mile north of Ramon Road within the Century Park Neighborhood. A portion of Century Park is allocated to a retention basin that serves the Century Park Neighborhood’s and regional pass-through storm waters.

This 5-acre park currently includes the following amenities:

  • Women and men’s restrooms.
  • 1 tot lot play structure area.
  • 1 tennis court.
  • 1 baseball field (located within a retention basin).
  • 1 large shade structure with picnic tables and BBQ stand.
  • 3 medium shade structures with picnic tables and BBQ stands per unit.

Fourteen years after the park was opened, in June of 2004, Cathedral City spent $103,000 to replace the tot lot play equipment and install rubberized soft-surfacing.

In the Spring of 2022, the tot lot play structure slide was vandalized beyond repair and needed to be replaced. An evaluation of replacing the slide included an evaluation of the other components that make up the tot lot play equipment with overall safety in mind. Staff determined in this evaluation that the other components of the tot lot play equipment needed replacement as well. Additionally, Staff reviewed other amenities around the park in general and determined that the existing tables, benches, and grills
need to be replaced and the existing shade structures roof systems over the existing picnic areas need to be replaced.

As part of the approved Budgeted FY 2021-22 and 22-23 Parks Improvement and Maintenance Plan, Staff is bringing forward these Critical Maintenance and Park Upgrade Projects, which include the tot lot soft surfacing topcoat replacement, tot lot play equipment refurbishing, the installation of a new shade structure over the tot lot play equipment, and the replacement of the existing deteriorating shade structure roof systems over the picnic areas for approval in this Staff Report, according to Deanna Pressgrove, Environmental Conservation & Public Works Manager.

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