‘Change the Whirled’ honors former NFL San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick [Opinion]

If you like Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (it’s really vegan cream), then you might want to grab another politically correct flavor, “Change he Whirled,” which now honors Colin Kaepernick.

Ben & Jerry’s is the most political ice cream maker in our nation. This new flavor leaves a bad taste in the mouth of millions of Americans who stand for the flag, served or serve in our military, and serve or support law enforcement professionals.

This is a calculated move by Ben & Jerry’s and if you support peace offices you already know this isn’t the first time the ice cream maker has taken a shot at law enforcement.

If you are in law enforcement or support law enforcement you aren’t likely to toss Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in your shopping cart and these two guys know that. To this company, you don’t matter because you are more likely to throw their political ice cream in the trash can.

The great thing about our country is the fact that it’s legal for firms like Ben & Jerry’s to take cheap shots at our military, veterans, law enforcement, and patriots without repercussions. Our military and law enforcement are on duty to protect those rights.

However, it seems that free speech has become endangered these past four years if you are pro America, pro law enforcement, pro Christian faith,  pro veteran, pro military, and you or your chosen party are in opposition of the other guys’ more “enlightened ”point of view.

Speech that you disagree with is always characterized by the other side as “hate speech“ or “racist.” America is a great nation because of free speech and freedom.

We used to disagree and still be civilized. Now some want to silence your rights to disagree at a demonstration or college campus.

Yes, our nation has committed many sins. Its mistreatment of Native Americans, slavery, and  internment of the Japanese are just a few that come to mind. They were wrong then and wrong now. They are part of our history.

Our Constitution, until amended, provides for freedom of speech with very few limitations. While I love ice cream, I wouldn’t buy a spoonful of Ben & Jerry’s vegan cream. They have a right to make, market, and sell the stuff. You have a right to buy it, too.

You also have the right to speak to your grocery store managers about the products you won’t buy.

You can also speak to the Arco AM PM, Marathon,  Circle K,  Shell, Texaco,  Kwik Stop, QT ,  Gulf  and other convenience store owners and managers who sell things you don’t like.

Grocery stores and convenience store owners are sensitive to the wants and needs of the public they serve. They want to hear from you.

The last thing they want is a boycott of their franchise or grocery store because a product they sell offends a lot of customers.

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