‘Whatever his ultimate intention, it’s deeply unfortunate and should be disqualifying that (Greg Wallis) refuses to do the bare minimum.’ — Christy Holstege

Greg Wallis, the Republican candidate for State Assembly District 47, has refused to answer some media questions and negotiates with other media before responding.

The lack of responses is catching the ever-watchful eye of his Democratic opponent, Palm Springs City Council member Christy Holstege.

“Despite countless recent opportunities, my opponent continues to dodge debates, candidate forums, and media questionnaires to inform voters where he stands on critical issues in the race for Assembly District 47— at the same time as the GOP sinks upwards of $1M into his campaign,” Holstege told Uken Report. “While I can’t speak for Greg as to why he is hiding from voters, it seems clear that he’s terrified to address the reality that his views don’t match the values of our communities.”

On many of the most important issues facing us, Greg’s views are either too extreme for the district—including receiving an A rating from the NRA and opposing common-sense safety measures to keep our kids safe—or he keeps being wishy washy on where he stands on issues of personal freedom, . When asked his position on abortion in May, Greg said we’d need to “wait and see” and legislatures should decide, while he was bragging about his endorsement from one of the most anti-choice groups in the state, and he continues to refuse to answer questions like his position on LGBTQ+ rights, which his party opposes.

Whatever his ultimate intention, it’s deeply unfortunate and should be disqualifying that he refuses to do the bare minimum. AD-47 Voters deserve better. Regardless of party or background, all voters and all constituents deserve representatives who are transparent, accessible and responsive to the people. Greg Wallis has demonstrated time and time again; he isn’t up to the task.

The 47th district includes much of the Coachella Valley (Except for Indio and Coachella), Yucca Valley, Banning, Beaumont, and Yucaipa. Riverside County makes up 76% of the district while 24% is in San Bernardino.

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