Destiny Church volunteers help eradicate code violations

Church Volunteers Help Erase Code Violations

Hard at work.

CATHEDRAL CITY — The mission of the Code Compliance Division in this city is to enhance the quality of life and visual aspects of the community through a fair and unbiased compliance program.

On Saturday, more than 100 volunteers from Destiny Church worked to fulfill that mission to “beautify” four homes in the community. These homes were part of a list that the city provided with open cases of code violations, according to Pastor Rick Saldivar, who organized the workday.

Saldivar said the effort was for the “well-being of the community.”

Church Volunteers Help Erase Code ViolationsHe didn’t complain about code violations or whine about how code enforcement wasn’t doing its job. He shut his mouth and got to work flanked by some of the hardest-working people in the Coachella Valley.

Their efforts saved residents $100 for a first offense, $200 for a second, $500 for a third and every violation thereafter.

Developers like Padron Construction and Dantor Construction partnered with Destiny Church to rehab these homes along with community-based organizations like the Pantone 294 Dodger Club of Cathedral City.

“The hope is that by coming together as a community we will be able to lift the burden of some of the residents that find themselves in tough times and at the same time help the city clear these violations, a true solution to community needs,” Saldivar said.

“What an amazing day! Today over 110 volunteers responded to the needs of our community,” he said. “Serve day was a huge success, painting and beautifying homes in Cathedral City.”


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