Steve Kelly

One of the best things about living in the Coachella Valley is the insatiable appetite so many residents have for politics. It is a year-round sport — and few know that better than Steve Kelly.

What is especially appealing is that so many are fascinated and intrigued by local politics. That is understandable. Local politics impacts everyone. Local government is responsible for everything from street lights and potholes to roadways, parking and major events.

A staple among Coachella Valley political voices is the venerable broadcast voice of Steve Kelly. He knows politics, has a command of issues and understands the players. He has been on the air in the Coachella Valley for more than two decades.

He has worked with radio giants: Grammy Award winners Don Wardell and Dave Hassinger; four-time Emmy Award winner Tom Buchanan; terrific broadcasters like Bud Furillo, Mike Meenan, Gene Nichols, Denny Arcury, Paul Mitchell, Stan Layne and Rich Gilgallon.

You can find Kelly hosting the Coachella Valley Report at 4 p.m. on KCOD 1450 Palm Springs. KCOD (1450 AM) is a radio station licensed to Palm Springs. It serves the Coachella Valley area. The station is owned by College of the Desert.

Kelly reached out to Uken Report last week to see if we could mix it up a bit. What a great interviewer. He acknowledged my absence from the desert for a while but we picked up right where we left off — almost. We discussed everything from the recent Rancho Mirage City Council election, to the upcoming City Council election in Indio, which promises to be contentious to put it mildly.

He also asked me what I thought was one of the biggest changes since being gone from the Coachella Valley for a decade.

Kelly was gracious enough to share our interview with Uken Report. You can listen to this teaser but be sure to tune in to listen to his entire show on Saturday.

It would be fun to do this again, Steve.