Coachella Tree-planting Event Hosted by City and California Urban Forests Council

COACHELLA, Calif. (March 7, 2022) – The City of Coachella will join the California Urban Forests Council (CaUFC), alongside 27 other service-minded municipal agencies, on March 12, 2022 to plant nearly 2,000 trees across California during the AMPlifying the Urban Forest event.

Hosted by CaUFC, West Coast Arborists (WCA), Taylor Guitars, the Western Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture and the Britton Fund, Coachella, the Desert Recreation Foundation, and the California Conservation Corps will bring together city leaders and volunteers at the corner Shady Ln & Avenue 53 to plant 66 trees and participate in a collaborative urban forestry movement.

“As a desert community, we are creating unique spaces throughout the City. Enhancing the urban forest footprint in our city is something we should all strive for,” said Mayor Steven Hernandez.

Participants will have an opportunity to win a Taylor GT Urban Ash, a guitar that reuses wood sourced from urban trees at the end of their life cycle –completing the trees’ journey from seed to shade to song.

The trees planted in Coachella through the AMPlifying the Urban event will improve the overall quality of life in Coachella by enhancing air quality, abating pollution, offsetting carbon emissions, mitigating heat and lessening the effects of severe weather.

“There is an incredible sense of pride and ownership felt when we gather our residents together for a common purpose that will create a healthier environmentally friendly community,” said Councilwoman Denise Delgado.

Urban forest advocates, environmental experts and certified arborists will work alongside volunteers to offer educational resources on how to plant and care for trees through its life cycle, including youth-friendly ways to get involved.

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Funding for this project is provided by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection as part of the California Climate Investments Program and the US Forest Service.


The City of Coachella was incorporated in 1946 and is a 29-square mile municipality of approximately 41,941 residents located in eastern Riverside County, in a region collectively known as the Coachella Valley in Southern California. Coachella is about 97 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border and about 1.5 hours from Los Angeles. For more information, please visit the City’s website:


The California Urban Forest Council, a nonprofit corporation, is the nation’s oldest urban forest council and works to make California’s communities cleaner, healthier and more prosperous through the care and management of trees within our communities. The California Urban Forests Council runs a community tree planting program, coordinates educational workshops, hosts an annual conference, helps urban forest managers develop management plans, and supports seven regional councils. Follow the California Urban Forests Council on Facebook and Twitter to learn more.

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