Joe Biden always said he’s about the working men and women.

Each week since Joe Biden has been President, prices for everything have been steadily going up.

Joe Biden always said he’s about the working men and women. He loves to tell us he’s from Scranton, PA.

Today, gasoline and diesel prices set another record high prices across all 50 states.

Joe, this hurts those working men and women you tell us you care about. It hurts everyone one way or another.

Truckers are now spending $1,000 to fill up their trucks. Joe, these are the men and women who haul our food. They haul new and used cars, retail goods and they also used to haul baby formula.

Those men and women who work in the hospitality industry are getting killed with your high gas and grocery prices too, Joe.

The men and women in our nation’s military are not highly paid. They shop in commissaries and base exchanges to feed their young families, yet your record inflation has them buying only the essentials and at checkout putting items back they can’t afford.

You and your team can fix the problem of inflation. It won’t be easy. First, you will have to stop printing money to give away free stuff you guys can’t buy this next election.

Next, stop telling us the gas prices are Russia’s fault. It’s your fault. You decided to “Go Green” without a plan. No phase in and not enough electricity to supply our homes and businesses.

Everyone wants clean air! We have been cleaning it up since the first smog devices went on cars in the early 70’s. Is it perfect? No! But it’s a lot cleaner than the air the world around us is breathing.

Joe you and your team are fully committed to going green. The problem is you shouldn’t deliberately destroy Americans for the “Green Dream.”

Did you or the “Green Dream Team” tell Americans that to go green we would have to destroy our economy? Did you or that team share with America you would make every effort to deliberately drive up gas prices so high that the people you say you fight for have to choose between rice and beans or gasoline?

Those that voted for you and your team had no idea you were going to cancel our economic growth and trade it in for record high inflation.

Each time gas prices increase and grocery prices go up you and your party edge closer to the cliff. If Americans continue to be forced into this inflation and watch interest rates continue to climb you will preside over the worst defeat in Congressional electoral history.

We hear reports you “resent comparisons to Jimmy Carter.” I think former President Carter should resent being compared to you and your administration. Carter’s Presidency was a failure. However, he never gave up on trying to free the hostages in Iran or trying to get the economy on track and Americans to work.

In your case you have held Americans and the economy hostage deliberately. Then you head to the beach for a vacation in Delaware.

You are the President of a great nation. It’s still the greatest place to live and work! Use the ability the Constitution grants you to cut inflation and help Americans, those you always tell us you fought for, and let our energy sector produce domestic oil and natural gas.





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