With voting for the June 5 election fully underway, Doug Hassett, one of six people seeking the 36th Congressional District seat has released his 2017 income tax returns to Uken Report. The La Quinta resident is the first and only candidate in this particular race to reveal his tax returns.

Some highlights of his 1040 Individual Income Tax Return show that his adjusted gross income was just shy of $98,000 and he received a smidge more than $3,000 in unemployment compensation. The classic highlight is that he earned $300 for babysitting.

You may review his tax return here.

Congressional Candidate Releases Tax Returns

(Photo courtesy of Doug Hassett)

“I chose to release my taxes because I believe in maximum transparency,” Hassett told Uken Report. “I think it’s important for the people in our district and our nation to know who they’re voting for. I play by the rules so I’m not bothered by sharing. Obviously, my wife and I aren’t super wealthy, but we work hard and we pay our bills. We both have great credit scores and we have been saving for our retirement years.”

Hassett, a Republican, is seeking the congressional seat now held by Democratic Congressman and Dr. Raul Ruiz.

Dan Ball, another of five Republicans seeking the seat, was first to bring up the issue of candidates releasing their tax returns. Ball, on Nov. 7, pledged to Uken Report during a one-on-one, tape-recorded interview that he would publish the past five years of income tax returns on his campaign website.

More than five months later, he has not fulfilled his pledge.

“My apologies,” Ball said via text message. “I requested digital copies and hard copies of the last five years from my accountant. I have them now, but we moved and they got boxed up. Thank you for the reminder. I will locate and get those published. As you know, I’m an open book with nothing to hide. In fact, I want voters to see that my family is just like them, an average family with a middle-class income, struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living these days.”

And, he added, “That’s another reason I’m running, to represent the average, every day residents of the District. Taxes will be released.”

Stephan Wolkowicz, a third Republican seeking the congressional seat, said he would release his tax returns when Ruiz releases his.

Ruiz’s campaign office staff did not return requests for comment.

Stephen Puetz, the political consultant for Kimberlin Brown Pelzer, who has raised more money than any of Ruiz’s challengers, did not return requests for comment.






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