In an aggressive effort to provide more opportunities for the 132,228 veterans and their families living in Riverside County, the Board of Supervisors in December approved the creation of several initiatives focused on providing multi-pronged support of the County’s veterans. Two of those initiatives are now formal policy.

One is the Veterans Preference Policy; the second is the Veterans Education and Training Policy. There is no cost to the County for either.

The County has a longstanding Veteran Employment Preference Program that provides a point preference for veterans seeking employment with Riverside County. The goal of the newly approved policies is to further enhance the County’s services to veterans by increasing the ability to successfully attract and retain veterans to the County.

In an effort to honor the men and women in the armed forces, and to continue benefiting from their talents, training, and dedication to public service, Riverside County will be expanding the opportunities for civilian employment to our external veteran candidate in accordance with the Veterans Preference Policy.

This policy will provide veterans, and their spouse, opportunities to receive interviews in the selection process for employment and internship openings with Riverside County. The County’s veterans’ preference consideration will be applied to all competitive employment processes, including the County’s Internship Program. Veterans and their spouse must apply for positions and will be given an interview if they:

  1. Meet the minimum qualifications,
  2. Meet any other required special qualifications,
  3. Achieve a passing score for examination (where required); and
  4. Provide evidence that they have the skills required of the position.
V. Manuel Perez

(Photo courtesy of V. Manuel Perez)

“This is the most veteran- and veteran spouse-friendly employment program in our state and likely in the country,” Fourth District Supervisor V. Manuel “Manny” Perez told Uken Report. “Here we honor our veterans for their service to the nation and states. I am extremely proud to represent 30,000 -plus veterans of the Fourth District and serve with a county with over 132,000 veterans living here. We hope this effort will help our veterans and their spouses find jobs with the county that take advantage of their skill sets and education.”

To continue Riverside County’s dedicated effort to provide opportunities to the brave men and women in our armed forces, the Veterans Education and Training Program provides eligible veterans a unique professional training opportunity. The program allows the County to offer temporary apprenticeship or on-the-job training opportunities throughout county departments in a variety of occupational areas. Program participation also includes opportunity for continued learning through Human Resources Talent Management Division.

The program is dedicated to enhancing veterans’ existing knowledge, skills, and abilities while simultaneously developing quality internal candidates. This program is designed to be a tool for broadening veterans’ skills to be competitive candidates for regular county careers and provide them with opportunities for upward career mobility and longevity, while continuing their service to the public.

“This is one of many veteran initiatives making it possible for the County to continue to benefit from their talents, dedication, and training,” according to Michael Bowers, interim Human Resources Director for Riverside County.









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