County Spay and Neuter Clinics This Month in Indio Hills, North Shore and Oasis Mobile Home Park

The Riverside County Department of Animal Services, with support and money provided by Supervisor V. Manuel Perez, is bringing mobile spay and neuter clinics for dogs and cats this month to the communities of Indio Hills, North Shore and Oasis Mobile Home Park, with the first event in Indio Hills today, June 8.

This series of events will help residents and dogs and cats of the communities, providing services at no cost. Spay and neuter services aid the community as a whole as well as the Animal Services department and its shelters. Animals undergoing surgery will also be able to receive vaccinations and microchips at no cost if needed.

Perez selected the communities of Indio Hills and North Shore out of the available funding and added $3,000 from Fourth District community improvement designation funds to bring an additional event this month at Oasis Mobile Home Park. In addition, Perez is also providing money to the county animal services department to purchase a new spay and neuter bus that should help the department do more events this year and in years to come.

“These are communities with many dogs and cats, and these services will help,” Perez said in a statement. “Spay and neuter services help all of our cats and dogs live healthier lives and not suffer. These events are a great thing, particularly for residents who may be struggling financially, that they can access these needed and very important services for their pets for free.”

The first event in this series is a spay and neuter clinic for cats at the Indio Hills Community Center on Thursday, June 8. The event is for cats only and will accommodate 40 cats. The appointments have all been filled by Indio Hills community members. The services will be provided from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Indio Hills Community Center, located at 80-400 Dillon Road., Indio Hills. Riverside County is working in cooperation with the Desert Recreation District as it hosts this clinic at the community center.

Events will also be held at Oasis Mobile Home Park on June 27 and in the community of North Shore on June 28. The Oasis Mobile Home Park Community and North Shore events will provide services for dogs and cats.

Registration links for the Oasis Mobile Home Park Community and North Shore events will be coming soon.