Democrats of the Desert oppose effort to recall Gov. Newsom

CATHEDRAL CITY — Democrats of the Desert (DOD), one of the Coachella Valley’s largest Democratic clubs, firmly stands with Governor Gavin Newsom and against the effort to recall him.

“Our Board of Directors believes the recall effort is all about Republicans trying to seize power when they cannot win elections in our state because they have no policies that would help Californians,” said DOD President Stephen Jaffe.

It is the second Democratic Club to announce its support for Gov. Newsom. Palm Desert Greens Democratic Club last week announced it was donating $50 to Equality California to help in the effort to defeat the recall of our “very effective” Democratic Governor, Gavin Newsom, according to Charles Ara, Club president.

The recall election is estimated to cost between $50 million and $90 million, and DOD decries such a waste of funds that instead could be helping Californians who are struggling.

“Governor Newsom has guided us through an incredibly challenging 14 months since COVID arrived in America,” Jaffe added. “He knows – and we agree — that California’s recovery is well underway, and we can’t go back to the way things were.”

Governor Newsom has plans to make the state even better for Californians by:

  • Providing billions of dollars in direct relief to struggling individuals and small businesses
  • Fighting homelessness & supporting housing affordability
  • Building infrastructure for the future
  • Restoring public schools as gateways to equity and opportunity
  • Investing in small businesses, workers, and the economy
  • Providing services for immigrant communities

“Governor Newsom led the state through a global pandemic, record wildfires fueled by climate change, and two years with Trump in the White House,” Jaffe added.  “He has earned the trust of Californians.”

Democrats of the Desert’s Board of Director members are concerned about the State’s democratic future if such a recall effort were successful.

“Los Angeles Times investigators found that far-right movements, including QAnon and virus skeptics, are linked to the Governor’s recall,” Jaffe said. “It’s very simple:  the recall’s wealthy campaign leaders are seeking to capitalize on the public’s current concerns because of COVID, and they allied themselves with radical and extreme elements to help their campaign collect voters’ signatures.

“We encourage all Coachella Valley residents to join us in fighting against the recall by donating to support Governor Newsom, and voting against the recall in the upcoming election,” Jaffe said.

Democrats of the Desert is a community based political organization, which studies local and national issues and makes recommendations to members and/or other individuals in the community.  On the basis of knowledge, verifiable information, and consensus, the Club seeks to influence decision-making and the electoral process by educating the electorate, and supporting qualified Democrats who wish to run for office. DOD’s members reside in towns across the Coachella Valley.