HEMET — DeniAntionette Mazingo has been crisscrossing the 42nd Assembly District, attending fundraisers and spreading her political gospel in her quest to fire Republican incumbent Assemblymember Chad Mayes in November.

Mazingo, 60, is an attorney and Riverside County’s Third District Commissioner for Women. She resides in Hemet.

The 42nd District represents the San Gorgonio Pass, most of Hemet, San Jacinto, Calimesa, Indian Wells, La Quinta, Palm Springs, Cabazon, Rancho Mirage and desert communities in San Bernardino County, including Twentynine Palms and Joshua Tree. The 42nd District represents the San Gorgonio Pass, most of Hemet, San Jacinto, Calimesa, Indian Wells, La Quinta, Palm Springs, Cabazon, Rancho Mirage and desert communities in San Bernardino County, including Twentynine Palms and Joshua Tree.

Uken Report distributed a set of identical questions to both Mazingo and Mayes for their responses. Mayes’ campaign did not return two requests for comment.

Following are the questions and Mazingo’s responses.

Uken Report (UR): Do you support Proposition 6. Why or why not? What does passage or failure mean specifically to your Assembly District?

DeniAntionette Mazingo: No, I do not support Proposition 6, because, our state’s infrastructure needs repair and upkeep.  Our roads are deteriorating.  The Cap and Trade bill has created jobs throughout our state especially within our District 42.  Our roads are being repaired our interstate highway 10 is being repaired after decades of wear and tear. This has brought needed funds to our economy and many jobs.

If proposition 6 were to pass our infrastructure would continue to deteriorate, the numerous jobs created by the passage of Cap and Trade would be lost and our economy would be drained once again.

UR: In this era of #MeToo, it seems every day we hear of prominent men and women accused of sexual harassment, rape, sexual assault. From Matt Lauer to Les Moonves to Charlie Rose and more. I want to give each of you the opportunity to tell me if you have ever been accused of sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, or other? Please explain if you have and your position on this issue.

DeniAntionette Mazingo: No, I have not.

UR: Are you liberal or conservative and what does that mean to you. I know one of you is Democrat and one Republican, but I also know in this politically charged environment those are loaded labels so I want to give you a chance to explain in your own words?

DeniAntionette Mazingo: I am liberal, and to me being a liberal means that I, as a woman, am able to make my own choices.  I believe that everyone is entitled to all benefits provided within our state and our country.  As a liberal I believe that we must be heard.  As a liberal I believe that we have an obligation to work across the aisle and I must listen to all views and not be hateful.

UR: Identify one, just one, time when you rallied opposing viewpoints in support of your plan, proposal, initiative, etc.

DeniAntionette Mazingo: The one time which I think is the most important of our times is when I stood with my brothers and sisters and rallied against the criminal treatment of these children being separated from their parents.

UR: Do we need more “gun control” laws?

DeniAntionette Mazingo: Oh, my, God. Yes, we do need more gun control laws. It is awful to see children and teachers afraid to attend school and not know if they will return home.  We need to protect our love ones, not put them in harms way.

UR: Why specifically are you running?

DeniAntionette Mazingo: I am running to be the voice of the less fortunate and those that have been left behind with nowhere to go.  I am running for the single mother living on the streets, sleeping in her car with her children because she is unable to afford housing, child care and has no resources to assist her in moving onward.  I am running to assist those seniors having to make a decision on which life necessities they will be able to afford each month.

I am running to assist the veteran sleeping in doorways on the streets because they are emotionally, physically, or mentally ill and were willing to give of their life in order for us to continue to enjoy the freedoms we have daily in our country. I am running for the working poor living on the streets because they are unable to afford the normal living necessities of life for their families.  I am running to be their voice and continue to advocate for them.

UR: What is the single biggest issue facing your Assembly District, why and what are you doing – or will you do – to correct it?

DeniAntionette Mazingo: The single biggest issue facing Assembly District 42 is the raising cost of housing either for renters or first-time buyers.

UR: Where (in what area) do you think you can make the biggest difference?

DeniAntionette Mazingo: Healthcare, housing, veteran assistance.  I know that I can make the biggest difference in the area of housing and veteran affairs,

UR: What are the three most notable endorsements you have received to date.?

 DeniAntionette Mazingo: The three most notable endorsements that I have received to date are: The Speaker of the Assembly, Emily’s List, MoveOn.Org.