Dog Owners can Update License Without Late Fees Through Dog-License Amnesty Period

Riverside County Animal Services is offering a dog-license amnesty program through Feb. 15. Dog owners can obtain a license without facing late penalties or past licensing fees during the amnesty period.

Riverside County Animal Services has offered the program in the past to encourage forgetful dog owners to catch up with getting a dog licensed

The dog-license amnesty program is connected to COVID-19 in recognizing that some pet owners might be struggling financially, said Animal Services Director Julie Bank.

“We know this has been a very difficult period for many people and this was one small way we could assist,” Bank said. “As we hopefully head toward normalcy, we want to remind dog owners that now is the time to update that license.”

State law requires all dogs to be licensed. Dogs must be vaccinated for rabies prior to obtaining a license.
As with past amnesty programs, the offer is only valid for dog owners who do not have any outstanding citations for failing to license their dog or do not get cited during the amnesty period.

The easiest and fastest way for dog owners to get their license updated is by using the county’s Web licensing. A one-year license for an altered dog is $25. A one-year license for an unaltered dog is $120.

Getting the dog vaccinated routinely is beneficial for the dog’s health and keeping the license current also assists animal control officers and good Samaritans to get a pet back to its rightful owner faster, Bank said.

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