PALM DESERT — From Ohio to Arkansas to California, the drive-in movie theater, where you can enjoy some of your favorite films in the privacy and  comfort of your vehicle, is making a comeback.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, drive-in theaters have been making a comeback as many theaters have had to close.

Whether you’re solo, on a first date, or its family fun night, you can enjoy safe, fun film entertainment at El Toro Flicks state-of-the-art LED drive-in movie experience from Aug. 7 to Aug. 31. Following is the weekend lineup.

  • Friday, August 7th: Jurassic Park (PG-13)
  • Saturday, August 8th: Toy Story 4 (PG)
  • Sunday, August 9th: The Goonies (PG)

Located at Westfield Mall Palm Desert. Situated on top of the third level parking deck under the stars, guests will experience our giant LED screen showing all your favorite movies – all summer. Concessions will be available for purchase.

Gates open at 6:45pm and the film begins at sunset, approximately 7:45pm.

Following are some drive-in guidelines:

  • Car pass is per car, NOT per guest. (We recommend 2-8 passengers)
  • Radio rental is optional & NOT required, for external use.
  • You MUST wear a mask anytime outside your vehicle.
  • You MUST practice social distancing at all times & respect nearby areas.
  • You MUST wear a mask when visiting the bathroom and concessions.

The drive-in is a throwback to yesteryear.

After 1945 rising car ownership and suburban and rural population led to a boom in drive-in theaters, with hundreds being opened each year. More couples were reunited and having children, resulting in the Baby Boom, and more cars were being purchased following the end of wartime fuel rationing. By 1951, the number of drive-in movie theaters in the United States had increased from its 1947 total of 155 to 4,151.

The drive-in’s peak popularity came in the late 1950s and early 1960s, particularly in rural areas, with over 4,000 drive-ins spread across the United States in 1958.

During the 1950s, the greater privacy afforded to patrons gave drive-ins a reputation as immoral, and they were labeled “passion pits” in the media. The 1978 movie Grease portrays the local drive-in as a preferred spot for trysts.



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