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Grow your business with digital advertising solutions for Uken Report.  Our platform reaches all the local communities of the Coachella Valley and all major cities in California.

Why Uken Report?

Uken Report is the Coachella Valley’s online news platform that offers breaking, original content that today’s audiences crave. Our website is a mobile-responsive design that looks the same across all devices: desktop, laptop and mobile phones. This advanced technical approach provides advertisers like you the broadest reach for your brand with an attractive, consistent, and efficient user experience.

The organization of our content on the platform provides the top categories for nearly all businesses in the Coachella Valley. It can help you take advantage of the power of digital advertising in an organized way that allows your message to be seen by the target audience you seek.

Our site has eight (8) key areas to narrow your audience.

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Valley Life


You can submit your advertising request HERE or submit your requests via our online shop where you can search, order and pay for all of our advertising products HERE.


What Makes Uken Report Different?

Led by CEO and Founder Cindy Uken, she is one of the Coachella Valley’s finest journalists. As the saying goes in the media world, “Content is king,” but in today’s digital age, it is the “entire kingdom.”  As you can see from our website, we have thousands of articles that are optimized for search engines to provide the best access to our stories and our advertisers. As an experienced, honest and respected journalist, Cindy Uken has won many awards  and provides many newsworthy articles with details that are often not included on other online websites.

With us, “The Facts Come First.” Our persistence in getting the details of a news story allows readers to be better informed about all local news.

One of our key advertising products is our Content Sponsored Ad, like you see in this article. What a great way to show how your Sponsored Content Article can play a distinctive role in your marketing campaigns. You can see more details and download our media kit here.

Advertising Solutions from Uken Report

By using our platform you create your own article (like this one) that includes your own images. You may also choose to insert your branded YouTube video directly into the page.


We also offer additional advertising products like display ads on any of our main category pages, and if you want added exposure through email, we can include your article in any of our weekly newsletters.  We offer discounts on multiple advertising products, which you can order online:



About Uken Report

You can read more about our Mission, Vision and Core Values here, see what others have to say about us here, terms and conditions here, and our privacy policy here.

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