This fall the DSUSD Adult Transitions Program will be receiving an upgrade by relocating the program to the Eisenhower Community Learning Center.  The long awaited move will not only help consolidate needed resources to better serve students in the program but, more importantly, will provide adult transition students much needed exposure away from the limitations of the k-12 settings into more age appropriate learning experiences.

DSUSD Adult Transitions Program on the Move

Job placement

The DSUSD Adult Transition Program or ATP has served students between the ages of 18-22 with moderate to severe disabilities for more than 30 years in a valley-wide program. Currently, the program is housed in two locations,  Indio High School and Summit/Horizon high school campuses.

The new location at Eisenhower Community Learning Center houses six large classrooms and includes a sensory room, laundry and kitchen area, offices for supported service providers, and access to a large multipurpose room.

“ I am excited for this new opportunity for our adult transition students ,” said Assistant Superintendent Laura Fisher, DSUSD student support services. “The classrooms and physical layout of the facility meet the life skills and vocational needs of our students, along with opportunities to participate in other College of the Desert certification classes held at the site.   Everything is geared toward meeting adult student needs- socially, academically, and physically.”

The goal of the adult transition program is to ensure that non-diploma track students have the life readiness skills necessary to transition into adult living with greater independence.

Life Readiness Skills include:

  • Vocational Training
  • Daily Living Self Help and Health Skills
  • Community Based Instruction and Distance Learning Opportunities
  • Augmentative Communication Development
  • Safety Development
  • Mobility  and Fine Gross Motor Development Training

Each of the above areas of the program are designed to foster greater levels of independence necessary to transition into life after the age of 22.  After the age of 22 many students continue to be supported by the Inland Regional Center and Department of Rehabilitation.

Two Highlights of the Program:


In conjunction with the DSUSD Workability I Program WAI. The Adult Transition Program partners with more than 100 local businesses and some internal DSUSD divisions to provide students with paid internships that provide real world on-the-job training. Placement areas include but are not limited to:

  • Hospital Health Occupations
  • Retail and Sales Careers
  • Hospitality and Entertainment
  • Restaurant and Food Handling
  • Careers in the field of K-12 Public Education
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Auto Body Paint/Repair
  • Distance Learning Opportunities

Disabled Students Programs and Services DSPS at College of the Desert COD

Another highlight is DSUSD ATP partnership with CODs Disabled Students Programs and Services DSPS Division.  DSPS provides stude​nts with disabilities equa​l access to a community college education. Through the utilization of specialized instructional programs and disability related services, DSPS fosters independence and assists students in attaining their educational and vocational goals.

These are just a few great things taking place locally to support young adult students with disabilities.  With the move to the new location, there is confidence that the program will continue to be a resource and a force of good for adult students with disabilities here in the valley.  If you have questions about the program you can call (760) 771-8616.


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