DSUSD Announces New Employment Opportunities

There are over 2,800 jobs at Desert Sands Unified School District. As one of the larger employers in the valley, there are positions that range from teachers to counselors to mechanics to groundskeepers to administrative assistants to accountants to buyers to security agents to…well, you name it! And that doesn’t include the guest teachers (substitutes) who fill out our ranks.

Guest Teachers

As with most businesses in today’s world we have jobs that are going unfilled. In particular we are seeking guest teachers. As our staff members continue to follow health protocols, we take every precaution to keep our students and staff safe. We continue to make all efforts to increase our pool of guest teachers. Guest teachers play a vital role in keeping our classrooms open amid a global pandemic. They supervise lesson plans and introduce a new voice into the class. They fill in where and when needed.

Last week, Governor Newsom signed an executive order that is already making it easier to hire guest teachers. A campaign has begun at Desert Sands to recruit additional guest teachers from the ranks of our community members. According to Senior Director of Certificated Personnel Clayton Hill, “The process has been streamlined and we welcome the retirees in our community and our ‘snowbirds’ with bachelor degrees to reach out.” Guest teachers are invited to be a part of the pool for daily subs and to consider being available as long-term subs for up to 120 days in a specific classroom. Guest teachers are also placed at school sites to serve as that campus substitute on a permanent basis.

DSUSD is proud to be able to pay our guest teachers $165.00/day or $185 per day for long term positions of 11 days or more and provide training for classroom management and all health precautions. Additional information on recruiting of guest teachers can be found on the district website at www.dsusd.us.

Certificated Staff

If you don’t know what “certificated staff” means, they are the folks who have a teaching or counseling credential. There are 1,203 certificated staff members working for DSUSD, not counting our guest teachers.

These are the staff members who work directly with our students, in the classroom and in counseling for social and emotional well-being as well as for future educational plans.

DSUSD Employment Opportunities

Gerald Ford Elementary School Principal John Preseton and Director of Leadership Development Rebecca Cook, Ed.D.

Each year, DSUSD seeks new certificated staff to fill the ranks of those who are retiring or moving on. While DSUSD is very proud of our 99% retention rate, there are always positions to be filled. In addition to receiving applications from potential certificated staff members, our team visits various college campuses throughout the United States. Director of Leadership Development Rebecca Cook, Ed.D., commented, “We are continuing with our recruitment efforts, with a focus on diversity. We have reached out to the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and are attending job fairs across the country to recruit well-prepared teachers for our students.” She went on to note that the Desert Sands reputation is an incentive in the recruiting process. While some fairs this year will be in person, some will also be held virtually. Dr. Cook remarked, “We are hosting our annual Educator Fair on February 5, in-person at the District Education Center, north building.” Additional information on recruiting of certificated staff can be found on the district homepage.



DSUSD Employment Opportunities

Director of Nutrition Services Dan Cappello meets with his team on March 13, 2020 to plan for drive through meal service

Classified Staff

The remaining 1,407 DSUSD team members are referred to as “classified staff” as they are the professionals who fall within classifications of occupations and services. Among these folks are the mechanics who maintain our fleet of over 400 mechanically operated machines including the over 100 school buses driven by another group of team members. Graphic designers and print professionals produce the many booklets, flyers, yearbooks, and posters used throughout the 34 schools and the district office. The recent report on water savings and the use of desert friendly landscape recognizes members of the grounds team for their contribution to the district and to students. Over the past two years, our nutrition services team, both at the district office and school sites, have been serving meals under unique circumstances including a “drive through” system in our parking lots. During virtual and hybrid learning, in the COVID environment, over nine million meals were served. Our administrative team is second to none as are our buyers, our accountants, and our technology experts.

Positions for classified jobs are routinely available and postings can be found at www.edjoin.org/dsusd. A job fair for our classified openings is being held on March 19. Details will be shared on the district website.


DSUSD Employment Opportunities

Recruitment Fair Flyer / Poster

Questions on employment opportunities at Desert Sands Unified School District can be directed to workingtogether@desertsands.us.

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