Desert Sands Provides Free Live One-to-One Online Tutoring

Author’s note: Desert Sands Unified School District, serving the central Coachella Valley, has partnered with FEV Tutor to provide free live one-to-one online tutoring for students in grades 3-12. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students work with their own professional tutor on an engaging web-based platform accessible from any computer with an internet connection. Students can share files or share their screen to receive coursework and homework assistance. Individual student needs lead the discussion with the tutor who uses a synchronous two-way whiteboard to meet individual learning styles. Assistance is available by scheduling an appointment, a series of sessions, or a regular meeting time. On-demand tutoring is also available. To log on, students click on FEV Tutor inside the Clever platform. Parents looking for additional information can reach out to or call 855-763-2607.

FEV (an acronym for Focus Edu-vations), was founded in 2008 based on the philosophy that most self-paced software programs were built for students to work by themselves on a computer with no human interaction. The company’s success has been built in the convenience and flexibility of an online platform combined with one-to-one personalized instruction.

DSUSD Provides Free One-to-One Online Tutoring

Student using FEV tutor.

FEV Tutor has been working with Desert Sands Unified School District for close to four years. Up until now, that assistance has primarily been in summer school for grades 9-12 and in some targeted subjects such as math. Following the pandemic-related school closures in March 2020, service was extended to grades 3-12 and covers all academic subjects including high-level classes such as those that are part of the AP and IB programs. AP, advanced placement, classes are a part of all of the high schools and both Palm Desert High School and Shadow Hills High School participate in what is known as the AP Capstone Program. La Quinta High School participates in the International Baccalaureate Program. Tutoring through FEV is available at all levels of instruction for all ten grades from the basics through the highest levels of classes.

FEV tutors each hold a bachelor’s degree and have a minimum of two years of experience as teachers or tutors. They are assigned to the appropriate grade level for their experience and work with students as directed by individual child needs. Two avenues of tutoring are available. The first is on-demand, the second is teacher referred. On-demand learning students enter the site through what is known as their “myds bookmark” using “Clever” to log in. An available tutor connects with the student and begins a help session. Students can access the system any time they want assistance. They can even pre-send the tutor homework or a question in preparation for a session. Teacher referred allows a teacher to suggest that a student utilize the service for a one-time or series of help sessions. Students can also combine the two methods in creating help sessions that work for them. Sessions are recorded so that students can go back and review material and instructions. This is especially helpful as they study for upcoming tests.

Learning styles are an advantage with FEV as tutors get to know their students and work with them on “white boards” or discussions or other teaching methods specifically geared to the individual. Each lesson follows up with an up to three question “quiz” to verify that the material has been understood. Lessons are available in a variety of world languages and parents of younger children are encouraged to participate in the process.

Parents and students can reach out to their teachers for more information or contact FEV Tutor directly at 855-763-2607 or


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