What do school activities directors do when students are not at their schools? They plan virtual activities, of course! The activities directors from the Desert Sands Unified School District high schools and middle schools held a Zoom meeting the week before spring break to come up with ideas. Their collaborative efforts will result in DSUSD Spirit Week beginning on April 20.

All 34 schools are expected to participate in a weeklong series of virtual events. Spearheaded by La Quinta Middle School’s Farah Meadows, Ed.D., Shadow Hills High School’s Mary Alexander, La Quinta High School’s Rebecca Stabenow, and Palm Desert High School’s Chris Keuilian the group came up with five days of activities and acts of kindness.

Fliers were designed by Palm Desert Charter Middle School’s Jeanne Jarden and electronically distributed to all schools and to parents via a district flier system called Peachjar. Banners were displayed at meal distribution sites and the message will be shared on all school social media as well as district office sites. Students are encouraged to involve their parents in the activities. (Younger students are reminded that parental assistance and approval is necessary to post messages on social media.) How about you? Want to play along?

Monday, April 20

DSUSD United Day

Wear red, white, and blue with stars and stripes

Activity: Pick a song from a provided list and have a family dance party. Don’t forget to post a video

Act of Kindness: Make a sign honoring the Class of 2020 and post it on your porch or balcony, hang it on a window, or put it on your lawn. Or, post your photo from important transition years in your academic life (kindergarten, 5th grade, 8th grade, high school, college) to celebrate our seniors.

Tuesday, April 21

Tourist Tuesday

Dress as a tourist

Activity: Research, write, or draw about a place you would love to visit or create a postcard of a place you have visited or would like to visit. Don’t forget the terrific tourist activities here in our valley.

Act of Kindness: Write a letter or email to encourage someone to visit our city. Maybe it is a restaurant that you are missing!

Wednesday, April 22

World Wednesday

It’s Earth Day!

Wear blue or green to celebrate our planet

Activity: Take a photo of you enjoying Mother Nature but remember to do it while social distancing! Maybe it is a plant you have in your house. Don’t forget those veggies in the fridge.

Act of Kindness: Recycle! Clean up your own outdoor space – keep social distancing in mind!

Thursday, April 23

Thankful Throwback Thursday

Rock your past school gear of favorite vintage tee. Does that tee shirt from your elementary school still fit? If not, pin it to the front of your shirt.

Activity: Post, write, or draw about your favorite memory from this school year.

Act of Kindness: Thank someone who has helped you out-call, email, or write a letter!


Friday, April 24

School-Family Friday

Wear your school gear or school colors

Activity: Draw a picture of your school mascot and share it. Post a photo of you in your school gear. How about a video singing a song like We Are Family?

Act of Kindness: Write a letter or send an email to someone at your school who you appreciate or draw a picture or make a thank-you card for a staff member of someone in your family.

Photos of community members taking part in the fun can be emailed to workingtogether@desertsands.us



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