The Desert Sands Unified School District Dual Language Immersion program is a rich multicultural experience in which students engage in a rigorous curriculum, demonstrate high levels of academic and linguistic proficiency, and embrace cultural competence.

(Vision Statement)

Dual Language Immersion students in Desert Sands Unified School District will engage in an innovative, biliterate learning environment. Students will participate in a curriculum which cultivates an awareness of heritage and diversity.

(Mission Statement)

Desert Sands Unified School District parents will have an exciting new choice for school year 2019-2020. The new Dual Language Immersion Program will begin at both Andrew Jackson Elementary School in Indio and Ronald Reagan Elementary School in Palm Desert.

As an “open enrollment” district, all students entering kindergarten in DSUSD are eligible to apply. Information on applying to the program can be found at the end of this article.

The Dual Language Immersion Program will be a multi-year program beginning in kindergarten and taking students through high school. The first of its kind in Desert Sands, the program will debut as an Spanish/English biliteracy program creating a unique opportunity for students to think, read, write, and communicate naturally in both languages. Parents of participating students do not need to speak a second language for student success in the program.

Dual Language Immersion ProgramIn a dual language immersion program, students are taught the same curriculum as their peers in English-only classes and are expected to meet the same California state standards as all other students in DSUSD. The difference is that at least half of the instruction will be presented in the second language. Classes of students remain together throughout the program which encourages strong friendships and fosters social emotional confidence.

Prior to announcing the new dual language immersion program, DSUSD educators and administrators carefully studied models from districts around the country and researched successful programs. The team worked on curriculum and sought the best textbooks and materials to support DSUSD students.

Dual Immersion Program Launches in 2019-2020 According to Angela Randolph, Ed.D., DSUSD director of state and federal programs, “Research into the program found that students in dual immersion programs have high levels of self-esteem, high academic competence, and motivation.” Dr. Randolph went on to say that these students develop understanding and appreciation of languages and diverse cultures that better prepares them for employment in the global job market where a second language gives them a competitive edge.”

Following the expected success of this dual language immersion program, expansion to other DSUSD schools and to other languages is being considered.

For more information and to learn how to enroll your child, contact Joann Lira at 760-771-8835 or



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