PALM DESERT — Evan Trubee, 49, owner of Big Wheel Tours, has his sights set on a City Council seat representing District 2, the larger of the two recently drawn districts.

The Nov. 3 election will be the first time voters in this community will vote by districts, a move resulting from a lawsuit Lorraine Salas and Karina Quintanilla filed. They argued the city’s at-large system violated the California Voting Rights Act.

There are two seats up for grabs in District 2. Each is a four-year term. In addition to Trubee, others seeking the pair of seats are Kathleen Kelly, incumbent; Gina Nestande, incumbent; and Steven Moyer.

Uken Report has posed a series of questions to each of the candidates. Following are Trubee’s responses.

Uken Report (UR): Why specifically are you running?

Evan Trubee: Palm Desert deserves committed, conscientious and engaged leadership. I believe that my background as a business owner in a dynamic and variable industry has taught me decision making and planning skills that will serve the city well. Every single council decision, no matter how small, deserves a thoughtful cost benefit analysis, especially when tax payer dollars and our quality of life are at stake. I have committed to Palm Desert’s success from the moment I moved here by establishing a business and raising my family. I have skin in the game.

UR: Family? Children?

Evan Trubee: Beautiful wife Kristen Trubee (married 24 years, 1st grade teacher at Dr. Carreon School in Indio.  22-year teaching career), son Patrick, 19 years old and a sophomore at the University of New Mexico; daughter Cameron, 14 years old, sophomore at Xavier Prep Palm Desert; daughter Holly, 12 years old, 8th grade at Palm Desert Charter Middle School.

UR: How long have you lived in Palm Desert?

Evan Trubee:  27 years.  Moved here in 1993. I love Palm Desert.

UR: What qualifies you to serve on City Council?

Evan Trubee: I serve on the City’s Sustainability Committee and have been regularly attending City Council meetings for the past several years. I have developed great relationships with managers in several city departments as I advocate for and learn about various issues, particularly transportation infrastructure programs. I am familiar with the General Plan, Strategic Plan, the city’s history, and plans for the future.

UR: How would you describe yourself?

Evan Trubee: Open-minded and receptive but principled. I enjoy meeting new people and being around groups of people.   I am a student of history and love to look at examples of what worked or did not work in the past as we plan for the future.

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