Some 90 million Americans own dogs. They come in all shapes and sizes. purebreds, mixed breeds, and our infamous mutts. Since 2010 when dog stats were initially tracked, Americans have added another 20 million dogs to ownership.

Americans don’t just love dogs. They pamper them! They groom them, play Frisbee catch with them, swim with them, jog with them, and yes sleep with them. Americans spend $73 billion on their dogs each year . That number is expected to continue to climb even with COVID 19 pandemic still working its way across America.

We love our pets and so do many around the world. Apparently the communist regime of North Korean leader thinks ownership of dogs in his country is too much like what Americans are doing.

Because he thinks it’s a western concept he doesn’t like his citizens to own a dog. So, what is the man dubbed “ Rocket Man” by President Trump doing with his nation’s dogs?

He is taking them away, under force of law, from his citizens. North Korea is in a sad state. They can’t feed their people, they can’t generate enough power to keep the lights on at night, and their medical facilities and treatment programs are some of the worst in the world.

Kim Jong  Un is putting the dogs he has ordered confiscated on display in the zoo! Those that don’t make it to the zoo are being killed, or to be polite ,put down. Owners and critics believe the dogs  are also being eaten.

This dog roundup began in July and continues in the month of August. Media reports and sources for this latest of Kim Jong Un’s bizarre policies are from North Korean news outlets.

Intelligence reports  from 1948 through 1987  estimate that 3.5 million North Koreans have been killed by the communist regime. Admittedly, these are just educated guesses. No statistics are available since the younger Kim Jong Un has succeeded his father.

Communism has failed in every country it has ruled. North Korea and Cuba remain examples of the failed concepts, policies, and programs. Its people are not free. Demonstrators end up dead. Remember what happened to peaceful demonstrators in China? They were run down and over by tanks! All because they sought freedom of expression, assembly, and thought.

Stories like this should remind us how fortunate we are to be Americans. God has blessed us and our founders secured our future with the Constitution and Bill of Rights. 

No, America is not perfect, many terrible mistakes such as slavery, internment of Japanese Americans during during World War II, and others have been made by our elected and business leaders since 1776.

Some Americans worry that their guns will be taken away. Others worry about their health care, social security, and social programs being cut or eliminated. Some in our government propose to take your gasoline-powered cars away. They want to dictate how we respond to a pandemic and they even restrict your movement.

Yes, the United States has its problems, challenges, and sins of the past but we are free. Keeping our great country free depends on you. Get out to vote in 2020. If you don’t vote then you’ll be responsible for your freedoms being taken away by a president, Congress, court, state, or local or regional government.

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