Every Student Succeeding Honors Those Who Exceed Expectations

Administrators in Desert Sands Unified School District collaborate with their peers throughout California as members of ACSA (Association of California School Administrators). Every year, ACSA recognizes 19 students from each geographic region, as well as two adult education students, for overcoming odds and achieving success. The goal of the award is to honor students at all grade levels who have not only succeeded against all odds but work beyond expectations or have simply won the hearts of the school site adults who have helped them achieve their goals. More information on the Every Student Succeeding program can be found by clicking here.

The DSUSD administrators, members of the Desert Association of California School Administrators (DACSA) have conducted their own recognition program since 2009. Each of the Desert Sands schools are invited to submit a student who meets the criteria set forth by the state organization. This year the local celebration was held in early March. A video of the event can be viewed by clicking here. A total of 26 students were recognized.

Every Student Succeeding Awards Presentation

Adrian Grajeda

Among them was Palm Desert High School senior Adrian Grajeda who is representing our region at the state level. Despite a life-changing loss of a leg, Adrian has played football for PDHS, he is a surfer who enjoys a variety of extreme sports. He is a spokesperson for numerous organizations including Wounded Warriors. Adrian is a superhero who doesn’t need a cape. The nomination for his award to the region was signed by every principal he has had from elementary through middle to high school. The state honorees will be recognized at the ACSA Leadership Summit when it is held in San Francisco in November.

Among the comments provided by school administrators regarding our student awardees were:

  • Principal Patricia Rice, John F. Kennedy Elementary School, said “5th grader Julieanna wins the hearts of all that get the privilege of working with her through her genuine kindness.”
  • Summit High School Principal Jose Ramirez, Ed.D., noted that senior Bryanna “has thrived in distance learning despite her disabilities.”
  • Gabriel Fajardo, principal of Shadow Hills High School, commented that “Carissma has consistently demonstrated her commitment to academic achievement, while managing her dedication to athletic commitment. She is a role model for young ladies and is a great example of someone who has turned challenges into opportunities!”
  • Theodore Roosevelt Principal Daniel Martinez, Ed.D., said that “5th grader Marlina is respectful, amazing, mindful, and safe. A true role model who demonstrates the traits we expect from our Roosevelt Rams.”

Congratulations to our students and thank you to the members of DACSA for recognizing them.


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