With a healthy dose of confidence, a copier and a dash of creativity, Glenn Flood is running a barebones campaign for one of two spots on the Palm Springs City Council.

He has no staff, no consultants other than good friends down at the American Legion. That was ground zero for his campaign after his buddies encouraged him to run.

He has no campaign coffers other than a meager amount of money in his “own pockets.” That’s the way he’s chosen to run his campaign.

“I want to owe my allegiance to the voters, not the big shots, not the big corporations,” Flood told Uken Report in a telephone interview. “I owe nothing to nobody. I’m a one-person operation.”

He is also relying on word of mouth to propel his candidacy over the finish line. He walks Palm Springs VillageFest and said he feels good about the campaign.

Flood, 71, is a retired U.S. Navy Commander and former civilian Pentagon Press Officer vying for one of the two spots left vacant by Chris Mills and Ginny Foat.

His barely-there shoestring budget is in stark contrast to those of his opponents who have accepted thousands of dollars in donations from local philanthropists, local developers and Los Angeles-based corporations. There’s not necessarily a right way or a wrong way, but there is Flood’s way.

“I’m doing to do it the hard way,” he insisted.

The single biggest challenge facing Palm Springs is “restoring trust in City Hall,” he said.

He is sending an unmistakable message by shunning big money donors with so-called power and influence.

“I feel good about myself as a candidate,” Flood said.