There were nearly 40 million Americans with a disability in 2015, representing 12.6 percent of the civilian non-institutionalized population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Many of them will be traveling for the year-end holiday period, defined as the 11 days from Dec. 22 to Jan. 1. In fact, they will be among a record-setting 6.7 million people traveling in the United States this year, an increase of 4.2 percent over last year, according to the Automobile Club of Southern California.

Traveling at the holidays is difficult enough to say nothing of traveling with a disability. The Census Bureau’s American Community Survey defines disability status through six types of questions measuring serious difficulty with hearing, vision, cognition, walking or climbing stairs, as well as difficulty with self-care and independent living.

The most common types of disability involve difficulties with walking or independent living, according to the Pew Research Center. More than 20 million people ages 18 and older reported having serious difficulty walking or climbing stairs in 2015, representing 7.1 percent of the civilian non-institutionalized population. Another 14 million people ages 18 and older reported having a difficult time doing errands alone (for example, shopping or visiting a doctor) due to physical, mental or emotional conditions.

To help those living with a disability, Uken Report has teamed with, which has created a guide that provides information for the top 15 U.S. airports and the types of services provided for travelers living with a disability.

The guide provides accessibility information for the top 15 U.S. airports and the types of services provided for travelers with a disability, such as:

  • Accessible Restrooms
  • Service Animal Relief Areas
  • Handicap Parking
  • Wheelchair Service

The guide even provides information to help once you reach your destination.

Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll likely have to wait for all other passengers to exit the plane first.  Depending on which airport you’ll be flying into, you may be able to rent a car with hand controls or other accessibility devices, although this may require an advance reservation.

If renting a car is not an option, there are a few other services that can take you from the airport to your hotel. The guide outlines those, too.