PALM SPRINGS  — Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter will provide pet food assistance to individuals affected by COVID-19 in the Coachella Valley.

Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter has received a Pet Food grant from (distributed by Rescue Bank). This grant will allow Friends to and provide pet food aid to individuals and pet food for shelters and organizations in need.

Friends is working with city of Palm Springs and Convention Center staff with this critical distribution.


Mayor Geoff Kors

“Palm Springs is a city of passionate pet lovers who want to do the very best for their four-legged friends,” said Mayor Geoff Kors. “A big thank you to for their fantastic donation which will help our shelter provide much needed pet food assistance to struggling residents impacted by COVID-19.”

This local distribution of pet food is part of multi-million dollar nationwide donation effort that is executing to help the pet communities across the U.S. impacted most by the coronavirus outbreak.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is creating an unprecedented economic strain affecting pet owners, it is our responsibility and purpose to step in and offer assistance with pet foods,” Gabrielle Amster, Executive Director Palm Springs Animal Shelter.

Pet foods will be distributed first to animal rescues and shelters with the greatest need and then, the public will be notified of a public distribution date and location.

“We’re honored to extend a helping hand to our friends and neighbors across the Valley who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and look forward to assisting even more families and animals through this generous grant,” said Judi Olivas, Development Director at Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter.

Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter’s Pet Food Pantry is a year-round safety-net program designed primarily to provide resources to struggling pet owners in need of assistance. Friends works hand in hand with Mizell Senior Center and Aids Assistance Program providing free pet meals.
“Our goal is to support the owners of pets by providing pet food keeping pets in their loving homes and out of shelters.” Anthony Ercolani, Pet Food Bank Coordinator. “Many people may not realize that our Pet Food Bank provides more than 5,000 pounds of free pet food every year to senior citizens and those in need.”

Pet owners needing assistance who would like more information can contact Anthony Ercolani, Pet Food Bank Coordinator, at 760-832-6231, ext. 102.

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