America is a great nation today because of the leadership of George Washington. [Opinion]

George Washington took his Oath of Office as our first President of the United States on April 30, 1789. He took that Oath of Office on the balcony of the Federal Building in the city of New York.

Washington served eight years as President. He established the Supreme Court, Navy, federal banking system, and convinced Maryland and Virginia to carve out land for a National Capital. Washington, D.C. , bears his name and is our nation’s majestic capital. The District of Columbia is also the home of the Washington Monument, one of the worlds tallest honoring a head of state.

Washington declined to serve a third term as President. Every  President honored the Washington model until FDR. Washington could have remained in office for at least another term. However, he felt that “two terms were enough.”

He warned against political factions and parties as he felt they would “divide our country.” It appears that George Washington was correct as many Americans believe that party politics have sunk to a new low in 2021.

Washington spent the last years of his life on his farm along the Potomac River in the State of Virginia. After entertaining unexpected visitors at Mount Vernon, Washington fell ill and died just three days later. He was just 57 years old.

Upon his death, he freed the slaves he inherited from his father. He was the only Virginia slave holder to do so upon his death.

Washington believed fiercely  in what he called “The great experiment.” Washington was willing to give up his freedom and his home for a new nation of 13 states. It seemed unlikely the American militiamen would defeat a massive well-trained and battle-tested British Army.

As General he defeated the greatest Army in the world. In winning the Revolutionary War he lost more battles than he won. The long war ended with a decisive victory and launched the greatest republic in world history.

The founders held Washington in the highest regard. Today, we carry him in our wallets and purses on our $1 bills. Regrettably,  ur history books in today’s elementary, middle, high schools, and colleges don’t do him justice.

America is a great nation today because of the leadership of George Washington. We need more leaders like him in office today. He put this country ahead of his personal well-being and partisan politics. Had we lost the war he would have likely been tried and convicted of treason and his lands and money confiscated.

When George Washington and founders agreed “We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor”, they meant it. Washington deserves all the accolades he has received and more.


Image Sources

  • George Washington on Mount Rushmore: Pixabay