How will Americans track the Senate races in Georgia?

The road to hold the line or roll back Trump policies and programs looks like it will run through Georgia.

The U.S. Senate holds the keys to the kingdom for Democrats who want to change the courts, tax policy, environmental law, and spending policies. Before Democrats can change anything they need to capture the majority in the Senate. Republicans won’t go down without a fight!

As of now, Republicans in the House, led by California’s Kevin McCarthy, have knocked off several Democrats and might end up with the majority if their luck holds out and ballot counts roll in the Republican direction. Nancy Pelosi, also of California, may be stepping down as Speaker even if her party holds on. At least that’s what insiders say.

Two Senate seats are up for grabs in Georgia after no candidates received 50% plus one of the November 3 vote. Expect to see both parties, special interests, and Super PAC’s reloading for the biggest election battle Georgia has ever seen.

Senate Leaders Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer are already sending out fundraising texts and emails . They have been reaching out to supporters and donors of all types.

Expect special interests to launch radio, TV, and direct mail. They will also use geo fencing and GOTV efforts shortly. This is going to get ugly and fast.

The stock market hopes for a Republican senate. Why? Many Wall Street moguls know a Republican Senate is a likely firewall to prevent a Biden Administration from reversing tax policy. That same tax policy has a loop hole that exempts Wall Street high rollers from some taxes. Biden has pledged to raise taxes but Wall Street knows that’s unlikely if Mitch McConnell is still the leader in a Republican- controlled Senate.

A Democrat Senate  with Sen. Chuck Schumer in charge means Biden, if Trump’s voter fraud challenges fail, spells income and corporate tax increases, big increases in social spending, sweeping environmental reforms, law enforcement reforms, fossil fuel and drilling restrictions, immigration reforms, and more. Not exactly a recipe for economic recovery needed during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

With all the money pouring into the races in Georgia, some are already worried about voter fraud, mail- in ballots, ballot harvesting, and voter suppression. Count on both sides sending in lawyers, election observers, and anyone else they think will help.

As of this writing, it is unclear what changes, if any, the Georgia State Legislature might implement for the Senate races. It is clear that the U. S. Constitution establishes a state legislature as the authority on election laws in a state.

It is safe to say that Trump and Biden will be in Georgia campaigning for their respective candidates. A look at the vote totals of Nov. 3 shows a slight edge for Republicans. They got the most votes on Nov. 3 but toss those numbers out the window with all the new money rolling in.

How will Americans track the races in Georgia? We will be stuck with the same pollsters and polls that were wrong in the Presidential races.  Let’s see if the oversampling of registered Democrats stops or continues. Here’s a projection on election night in Georgia —the race will be too close to call.

Follow these races on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, Newsmax, and your favorite radio talk shows. The internet will also be loaded with coverage, commentary, and in-depth reporting. Stay  tuned.

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