Councilmember believes police union retaliating on him

Gutierrez Claims Police Union Retaliating On Him

Councilmember Ernesto Gutierrez

CATHEDRAL CITY — Councilmember Ernesto Gutierrez, now in his second four-year term, said he believes the city’s police union is retaliating against him for seeking an independent — or private — audit of all departments, including the police department.

Gutierrez made the statement after the Cathedral City Pollice Officers Association on Saturday called him to resign immediately. 

The call for Gutierrez to resign came shortly some comments Gutierrez made during the Study Session on Wednesday. City Manager Charlles McClendon delivered a presentation on the five-year strategic plan and goals.

When McClendon concluded his presentation, he opened it up for questions.

Gutierrez said he did not hear anything presented about a private or independent audit of every department to ensure it is working properly and is fiscally prudent and responsible.

McClendon assured Gutierrez he is working on it and will come back to it this fall.

Normally no action is taken on Study Session items, however, the City Council reserves the right to give specific policy direction and take specific action as necessary.

Gutierrez told Uken Report that he is pro police but will not tolerate people who do not do their jobs. He also said looking at contract services with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is not out of the realm of possibilities.

“CCPOA has zero involvement and no knowledge of this independent audit, CCPOA President Jesse Borrego told Uken Report. “We are a professional law enforcement organization of men and women who pride ourselves with integrity and a commitment to the residents of Cathedral City. Simply calling out Ernesto on his short comings as a councilmember and his selfish choices is not ‘retaliation’ but a reflection of how he acts.”

The Cathedral City Police Officer’s Association called for Gutierrez’s immediate resignation from the City Council “since he has shown time and time again that he is not a man for the people, but for his own financial gain.”

It made no mention of an audit.

During the 2022 election cycle, the association took issue with what it described as Gutierrez’s “meddling” and “interference” in day-to-day operations of the police department, including code enforcement.

Gutierrez has in the past mentioned that “(police officers) are lazy and some in our ranks get paid too much.”


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