A 20-year-old Santa Barbara man who has been diagnosed with measles traveled through portions of Riverside County while he was contagious, prompting local health officials to notify local residents who may have been exposed to the illness.

No cases have been confirmed in Riverside County, but health officials say the unidentified individual stopped at various locations when he traveled through the area May 24-26.

Persons who may have been on-site on the dates of any of the below locations may be at risk of developing measles for up to 21 days after being exposed. The Department of Public Health is asking people who may have been at these locations on these dates to check whether they are immune and to consult with their primary care provider if they may be at risk:

  • La Quinta Estates, 77270 Loma Vista, La Quinta (May 24)
  • Lavender Bistro, 78073 Calle Barcelona, La Quinta (May 24)
  • Silver Rock Golf Course, 79179 Ahmanson Lane, La Quinta (May 25)
  • Desert Willow Golf Resort, 38-995 Desert Willow Drive, Palm Desert (May 26)
  • Petco, 78720 CA-111, La Quinta (May 26)
  • Chevron, 79513 CA-111, La Quinta (May 26)

Typical symptoms of measles include fever, runny nose, cough, watery or inflamed eyes and a characteristic rash. If you have any of these symptoms and think you may have been exposed, you should contact your provider’s office before going in so that arrangements can be made to reduce potential spread.

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