11,000 small, lightweight and colorful ornaments that are needed for the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree

CATHEDRAL CITY — The U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree needs 4,000 large ornaments that measure between 9” to 12” that are colorful and reflective of California and organizers are looking for Californians for help.

Cathedral City is giving residents some help.

Decorators encourage the use of recyclable, repurposed materials in honor of Woodsy Owl’s 50th anniversary

  • Natural Resources: Wildlife, wildflowers, trees
  • Cultural Diversity: Tribes, logging, fishing, agriculture
  • Uniquely California: What makes our state special
  • Forest Service Icons: Smokey Bear “Fire Prevention” & Woodsy Owl “Don’t Pollute”

The 2021 Christmas Tree that will be erected on the West Lawn of the United States Capitol during the holidays will come from Six Rivers National Forest located in California. Named, “Sugar Bear,” the Christmas Tree is an 84-foot white fir located within the Mad River Ranger District.

Jeff Jones is the forester who found the tree. It was one of six trees he presented to the U.S. Capitol Architect. The tradition of choosing the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree started in 1964. The first Christmas tree was planted, but after wind and root damage killed it, the Capitol Architect started choosing different national forests in which to cut the tree.

There are more than 150 national forests in the United states, so it’s a pretty big deal that this year the Capitol Architect chose Jeff Jones and the Six River National Forest to provide the tree, according to ABC 10.

Organizers of the U.S. Capitol Tree are requesting that most of the decorations be handmade and preferably from recyclable, repurposed materials.  To assist in that effort, S.C.R.A.P. Gallery of Cathedral City is offering Ready-to-Go Recycle Decorating Art Kits for free.  The kits are filled with ideas, tutorials, and a combination of reused, recycled, and/or donated materials.

They also need 11,000 small ornaments measuring between 4” and 6” that are lightweight and colorful.  The ornaments need to be weatherproof and withstand the outdoor elements. Additionally, 130 Tree Skirts, each 5 feet in diameter are needed.

Drop by the S.C.R.A.P. Gallery located at 68743 Perez Road, Suite D-16 on Monday, August 16, from 8 a.m. to noon and pick-up curbside a free Christmas in August Tree Decorating Kit. For more information, email Karen Riley at info@scrapgallery.org or call (760) 861-6479.

If you can’t make it to pick up a kit, do not worry. To participate, please contact Maritza Guzman by emailing maritza.guzman@usda.gov or by calling (707) 672-3184

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