RIVERSIDE – Each year, the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office recognizes the outstanding work done by its employees at its annual PRIDE Awards ceremony.

PRIDE, the Program Rewarding Incentive of District attorney Employees, honors attorney and non-attorney staff for demonstrating extraordinary responsibility, professional development, productivity, dedication, initiative, a positive attitude, quality of work, dependability, cooperation, attendance, and public demeanor.

Riverside County District Attorney“Each day, the employees of the District Attorney’s Office work to keep our communities safe and to ensure justice across Riverside County,” DA Mike Hestrin said in a prepared statement. “Those we are recognizing with PRIDE Awards have truly excelled throughout calendar year 2018.”

The 2018 PRIDE Awards banquet was held the evening of March 1, 2019, at the Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa.

The cost of the awards and banquet was entirely covered by money raised through fundraisers held within the office.

Here is the list of PRIDE recipients:

  • Countywide Prosecutor of the Year: Anthony Orlando
  • Countywide Crime Prevention Prosecutor of the Year: Sharon Shuster
  • Countywide Misdemeanor Prosecutor of the Year: Jessica Roundy
  • Countywide Misdemeanor Prosecutor of the Year: Sara Beller
  • Countywide SPS Prosecutor of the Year: Lauren Martineau
  • Countywide Paralegal of the Year: Soledad Gomez
  • Countywide Paralegal of the Year: Sophia Contreras
  • Countywide Investigator of the Year: Wade Walsvick
  • Countywide Technician of the Year: Andriana Pohja
  • Countywide Advocate of the Year: Hollie Simkins
  • Countywide Clerical Employee of the Year: Eula Plaza
  • Countywide Administration Employee of the Year: Jennifer Johnson
  • Countywide Community Hero of the Year: James Campos
  • Countywide Community Hero of the Year: Andre Spencer
  • Countywide DA Achievement/Leadership Award: Sam Kaloustian

Western Region Group/Unit: Domestic Violence Unit: Allison Roach, Nik Peterson, Kaitlyn Lasater, Greg Rollins, Homan Hosseinioun, Jennifer Flores, Karrie Brusselback, Kelly Sedochenkoff, Luigi Monteleone, Michael Lough, David Kao, Steve Merrill, Danielle Bitetti, Monique LeFlein, Vanessa Sloniker, Matthew Morelock, David Purcell, Karla Melendrez, Katy Yarbrough, Brianna Guzman, Tiffiny Hays, Denise Diamond, Rebecca Lawhead, Modesta Cardona, Ivonne Cortez, Tanya Reyes, Danielle Gonzales, and Patrick Morris

Eastern Region Group/Unit: Misdemeanor Prosecution Unit: Amity Armes, Sara Beller, Barrett Von Esch, Monica Dobson, Thomas Farnell, Melina Londos, Hayden Thomas, Karen Salas, Sanja Stark, Karina Cardenas, Christopher Paynter, Sterling Winchester, and Toni Guess

Southwest Region Group/Unit: Southwest FPU/GTA Unit: Jess Walsh, Tim Cross, Daniel Fox, Alexander Kuznetsov, Michael Maloney, Scott Mason, Matthew Strickroth, Arlinda Witko, and Michael Boyd

Image Sources

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  • Gavel: Pixabay