The bombastic duo of “Hot Talk” on weekday afternoons on KNEWS, Rich “Da’ Coach” Gilgallon  and Paul Cashin, are in hot water after a verbal, on-air assault on 36th Congressional District Candidate Dan Ball.

Hot Talk, Hot Mess, Hot Water at KNEWS

(Photo Courtesy of Dan Ball for Congress)

Ball has filed a formal complaint with the Federal Communications Commission alleging “vicious and slanderous lies” toward a candidate. The complaint has been received and assigned a case number, Ball confirmed for Uken Report.

On Thursday, Ball also received a call from Bob Proffitt, CEO and Chairman of Alpha Media, which owns KNEWS.  Ball said Proffitt personally apologized to him for the on-air talent’s accusations and said he would be investigating it and would be in touch with Ball.

Hot Talk, Hot Mess, Hot Water at KNEWSIn an email to Uken Report, Proffitt said he had been out of pocket Monday through Wednesday and just got back in town.

“I had several calls about the show and called Mr. (Ball) to .return his phone call and hear his side of the story. I’m looking into the matter at this time. And, he is correct, I apologized for any problems he has encountered because of the program, but I also don’t have all the facts yet.”

Ball said, “All I’m asking for is an apology from the

Coach and Alpha Media for defamation of  character and the lies he’s spread over the local airwaves,. If the Coach would like to talk about the issues of hard-working families trying to make a living, I’d be happy to discuss the issues with him.”

But, Ball added, “attacking my family, my status as a veteran, and my supporters is just downright wrong and I won’t stand for it.”

The FCC complaint stems primarily from a segment during “Hot Talk” on May 17, though the duo have consistently ridiculed Ball throughout the campaign, most recently for being odd, not doing the work necessary needed to run a serious campaign, and not raising big money, among other things.

Gilgallon was reportedly suspended over this exchange, according to three sources. It occurred about 4:40 p.m. on May 17.

The market manager for KNEWS 94.3 and 104.7, claimed the hosts were on vacation, though that strains credibility given that it’s a ratings period that calls for all hands on deck.

Part of the exchange included Gilgallon accusing of Ball of getting into his vehicle with his 10-year-old daughter after drinking. Gilgallon also accused Ball of being “fired from all these jobs and escorted from the building. Gilgallon further refers to Ball as “dangerous” and a “loose cannon.”

You may listen to the entire exchange below.

As the exchange escalates, Uken Report has learned that efforts David Nola, general sales manager/national sales manager, made during the Rancho Mirage City Council election to host a candidate forum were silently, but effectively undermined.

Nola was working on a program/forum designed to give all candidates who chose to, to participate a five-minute “live” on-air interview with Gilgallon and Cashin.

Uken Report, which helped promote the effort, has now learned that multiple candidates were encouraged not to participate because they would not get a fair shake from the conservative and “pompous” duo. Ultimately, the program was canceled  when four of the six candidates declined?