I have eight grandchildren that I want to have an America that our Founding Fathers and many since have died for. We must be informed and hold our elected officials accountable to preserve our Constitution and freedoms.

The recent Dan Ball and Doug Hassett issue is important to get out there. However, may I suggest you include the caller from Yucca Valley that came on line just before Dan Ball. The reason is Rich Gilgallon was very rude and lost it with that guy. Not only did he seem like an elderly gentleman but he was very polite even when Rich was very rude and lost it with that guy. To me, this proves Rich accusing Dan and Doug of being crybabies is not the case. Rich has had a crisis of his own between pride and ego.

All our voices matter. Left, right, independent. They all matter. I believe our right to vote is not an option. It is a responsibility and privilege as a citizen of the United States. We must be informed about the issues facing us. We must be informed about the message and the messenger we entrust with our vote to carry out our ” We the People” to maintain our freedoms and preserve our Constitution.

Thus brings me to the “Hot Talk” radio show of May 17.

The “Hot Talk” conservative radio show, which is normally entertaining and informative, in my opinion, went off target last Thursday. Rich Gilgallon no doubt is a passionate conservative American that usually tries to keep the audience informed about what’s going on. On May 17, in my opinion, passion was turned from assertive to aggressive, thus common sense was thrown out . The attack on Doug Hassett and Dan Ball was way beyond disrespectful. To say one is not working hard is judgmental and Rich is not qualified to make such a judgment.

These guys Doug Hassett, Dan Ball and Stephan Wolkowicz have all put their time and effort to step up and want to represent We the People as stated in the Constitution. We should be grateful, yes, to Kimberlin Brown Pelzer as well. If he had said their hard work hasn’t produced the same fundraising is another thing altogether. The added comments by him were completely out of line. Rich’s partiality is obvious for supporting Kimberlin who has avoided requests to debate from candidates running against her.

Rich, rather than take the position that his listeners want to hear from all the candidates running to represent them and encouraging a debate puts down Doug and Dan as insignificant contenders.

I assure you they are not.

Most revealing about this segment to me was the call that came in, just before Dan Ball’s call, from what sounded like a senior gentleman for Yucca Valley who politely said he wanted to ask Paul Cashin a question and Rich took obvious offense.

Listen to this clip:


“We all have a voice and all voices matter. He shot not only the messenger but also the message.

The gentleman was only trying to say that he thinks the person and the message is more important than the money. “Hot Talk” should welcome, maybe even sponsor a debate, so we can see and judge for ourselves who will represent us best in Washington.

It has been proven that the one with the most money is not always the best choice. It has been said money is the root of all evil and God knows our America is way over influenced by it. We need elected officials that put the message of  “We the People ” in the Constitution before money and lobbyists.

We need to be informed, not dictated to.

Our voices matter please get informed and vote.

Your voice matters.