Trump’s impeachment is a major distraction from Joe Biden’s desire ‘for unity’

Members of Congress have the authority to impeach. In the nations history the House has impeached just 3 times .Impeachment is a powerful tool that the framers gave to the House and Senate. High crimes and misdemeanors are the basis for impeachment.

Almost 200 of the House Democrats wish to impeachment the President. They hold him responsible for the riots at the nation’s capital. Their plan is to introduce the articles of impeachment Monday.

The House is fully within its constitutional rights to do so. But is this the right thing to do for our country?

The answer to that question is no. The House, along party lines, has already impeached this President once. Not a single Republican voted to impeach him.

When the Senate held its trial, with the exception of the junior Senator from the Beehive State , the vote was along party  lines.

Our country’s voters divided: 81.2 million for Joe Biden and 74.2  million for Donald Trump. Our nation of 330 million does not need this division flamed by a purely partisan maneuver by House Democrats.

With the Trump presidency ending on Jan. 20 and the Biden Administration taking office at noon that day, this exercise is blatantly political.

The Senate  is not in session. Mitch Mc Connell had said it would take every Senators’ yes vote to bring the impeachment into the Senate. This won’t be supported by every Senator.

We understand the outrage of House and Senate members. The place they work, while heavily protected, was breached and rioters caused members to flee with gas masks into the basement of the capital. It was ugly!

Those that forced themselves into the Capitol were wrong. For whatever laws they broke, injury or death they caused and damage done, they must be arrested, charged, and tried in a court of law.

Our FBI is already doing a great job tracking down and arresting those rioters who invaded the capital. Arrests as far away as Florida have already been made.

Red Americans are already asking why Blue party leaders wish to impeach the President for the Wednesday riots but took no position against this past summer’s riot and occupying of federal buildings? A fair question.

Those rioters burned our churches, set torches to homes, businesses, cars, and government buildings . They too killed and injured peace officers and innocent bystanders.

Governors of those states were not removed from office by voters . House leaders on the Blue side of the aisle were not outraged when cities were burning and looted. At least one Senator, soon  to be Vice President, helped raise bail money for those rioters who were arrested .

Was the demonstration-turned-riot completely out of control? Yes! Were five lives lost? Yes! Did our Capitol Police retreat in the face of the rioters? Yes!  Do we need to know why the D.C. Police and the Capitol Police failed to control the crowd and rioters? Yes! Can we hold Donald Trump solely responsible for rioters actions? No!

Democrats have captured control of the executive and legislative branches of our government. The nation’s voters are almost evenly divided. Trump’s impeachment is a major distraction from Joe Biden’s desire “for unity.”

The House Democrats should do what is right for America and not what is popular amongst its political ranks and party members.

Donald Trump goes away on Jan. 20. Yet the pandemic rages on with no end to its death and destruction. Focus on when the federal government pushes out the vaccines. 300000 Americans are dead, hospitals out of ICU beds. America’s economy may collapse, and Americans have “ Covid-19 battle fatigue “ What about focusing on jobs for Americans!?

Let’s close this ugly chapter in our history of this amazing nation and have our elected leaders in Washington, D.C. come together for solutions to solve this crisis. America looks to Congress for answers and hopes that its members do the right thing to unite a nation not divide it further.

We do remain “one nation under God, with liberty and justice for al.“ Our elected leaders need to take responsibility and make sure those words have meaning.

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