City reaches goal of 100-plus employees tested for COVID

INDIO — Riverside County public health officials in October encouraged all residents to get test for COVID-19. The city of Indio heeded the call. From the City Council to employees, they were all in.

Affirming the City of Indio’s commitment to a safe and swift recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 100 City employees were tested for the virus on Tuesday.

In coordination with the Co. of Riverside’s mobile testing unit, employees were able to sign up in advance or in-person to receive a PCR test at the City’s Emergency Operations Center and determine their COVID status.

“We recognize that with a larger population, Indio’s COVID numbers remain higher than other Coachella Valley cities,” City Manager Mark Scott said in a prepared statement.  “Allowing our employees the time and resources to test quickly and safely while at work, shows we continue to do all we can to slow the spread.”

Indio Encourages COVID Testing Through Test Day

Police Chief Mike Washburn COVID testing.

Testing not only helps public health officials determine the types of activities and environments in which COVID-19 is more likely to occur, it is also critical in containing the spread of the virus.

Coronavirus tests for active infections slows the spread of the disease by identifying infected individuals who can then be isolated as well as their close contacts. This process disrupts the disease, slows the spread of the disease and preserves space in our acute care hospitals.

As part of Indio’s ALL In for Testing and ALL IN for Recovery Campaign, Indio’s Mayor and City Councilmembers voluntarily tested for the coronavirus on Oct. 27 at an event at the Riverside County Fairgrounds in Indio.

For more information on Indio’s testing efforts and where to obtain free COVID-19 tests, click here.


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