Juliette Orduño stars in national commercial for Walmart

Seven-year-old Juliette Orduño of Indio is starting the holiday season in a very special way. With a national commercial!

Through some good timing, and lots of talent, Juliette scored her first modeling gig just over a year ago with the clothing company Matilda Jane, which advertised on Instagram for a child with special needs for their spring campaign.

“We didn’t know what we were doing when we went to that first shoot,” laughed Juliette’s mother Mayra Avila-Orduño. “I submitted a photo of her from my phone! We didn’t even have headshots.”

Juliette attends Gerald Ford Elementary, and her sister Victoria, who is also in the commercial, goes to Palm Desert Charter Middle School.

A few months ago the family got a call from casting agents from Walmart, who wanted to cast Juliette in a holiday shopping commercial. Because of health concerns brought on by the pandemic, Walmart was also interested in including Juliette’s immediate family. After a series of virtual auditions, the Orduños were booked, and Juliette, her mother, father, sister and grandpa traveled to Los Angeles to film the commercial.

“She loved it!” exclaimed Mayra. “At first, the cameras were a little odd to her, but what kid doesn’t love opening gifts? It was just so cute. Her favorite people in the world are her grandma and grandpa, so running up to her grandpa in the commercial and giving him a hug felt so natural to her.”

The Orduños feel incredibly blessed to see this door open for Juliette.

“All I want for my little one is to feel like she is limitless, like anything she wants to do, with the support of her family, she can do it,” added Mayra. She also thanks companies like Matilda Jane and Walmart for “making an effort in giving kids with special needs an opportunity to shine in the spotlight.

Juliette is involved with Ezekiel’s Gift of Love Coachella Valley Down Syndrome Foundation, and loves to swim and fish. Her family recently started volunteering for the Coachella nonprofit We Can Fish, which provides special needs families with the opportunity to experience nature and go on boat rides.

Check out Juliette’s commercial here.

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