The Transformative Climate Communities Plan will help fund projects near Downtown Indio

INDIO – The Indio Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) Plan went before City Council for a final time on Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021, where it was unanimously approved.

This plan is a community-based roadmap for the identification and prioritization of future public and private projects to support neighborhood level environmental, public health, workforce and economic benefits in three neighborhoods: portions of Downtown Indio; the residential area west of Downtown known as the Sun Gold community; and the Jewel community, north of Avenue 45 and east of Jackson Street.

These three neighborhoods were recognized by the Cal EnviroScreen Program as being disadvantaged areas of the city, meeting grant-funding requirements for future projects.  The Indio TCC Plan will not only help the city in setting future policy, it will also help in obtaining funding from regional, state and federal agencies to realize projects in these communities.

The Transformative Climate Communities Plan began more than ten months ago, and through extensive public outreach in English and Spanish, helped set the framework for creating projects along four themes: housing, transportation, community and urban greening.  Each of these themes was analyzed in terms of community need, cost to the City, greenhouse gas reduction and availability of community partners.  Although the TCC plan does not fund any immediate programs or grants, it assists the City in identifying community priorities in these areas for future City, regional, state and federal funding.

Funding for the Transformative Climate Communities Plan was provided by a $200,000 grant awarded by the California Strategic Growth Council.  The final plan is available to view by clicking here.



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