Jeffrey Bernstein said as far as he knows there has never been a meeting in District 2

PALM SPRINGS — Jeffrey Bernstein, who boasts an impressive resume of community involvement, is just getting    started in his bid to represent District 2 on the City Council. First step: Listening to constituents.

At 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 24, Bernstein will hold the first of a series of District 2 Community Meetings, open to all residents of District 2. He will introduce himself and share some thoughts he has for the future of Palm Springs.

The primary focus of the meeting, however, will be to hear from residents. He wants them to share their ideas.

“This will help me to ensure that my final platform is reflective of the needs of our district and represents the residents of District 2, Bernstein states in the invitation.

This will be a Zoom meeting; in the future he will hold in-person meetings, Bernstein said.

“I have been involved in many different and varied sectors of our city, but I continue to hear about issues that are important but don’t always have awareness,” Bernstein told Uken Report.  “Some are city-wide issues, but some are very specific to District 2.  I’ve been doing a number of small groups and one-on-one engagement, and that’s a key element to hearing what people really think.  It’s not always problems, in many cases its ideas.”

Bernstein said that when he launched his campaign, he was clear that he would be having District 2 meetings monthly, to give people a chance to have their voices heard.  He is also attending neighborhood organization meetings, etc.  He has published where he stands on issues, but these meetings will help him to revise and refine a platform by the fall, he said.

“As far as I know, we’ve never had a District 2 meeting, so I’m planning to continue these should I get elected,” Bernstein said. “I do think residents feel they have not only not been heard, but also have not even had the opportunity to be engaged. For now, I think it’s wise to do it on Zoom, but I’m hoping that beginning next month they will be in person meetings.  I think that’s far more productive and personal.”

Bernstein, owner of Destination PSP, announced in January that he is running for the District 2 seat currently held by Dennis Woods.

The District 1, 2 and 3 seats on the five-seat Palm Springs City Council are up for election in November and the races are starting to gel. Each is a four-year term.







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