Hope Lutheran of Palm Desert Holds Easter Online

PALM DESESRT — Easter has always been celebrated at Hope Lutheran Church as a time to invite friends, family, and neighbors to celebrate the resurrection. It is the one time of year more than almost any other that people are more likely to attend worship services.

The pews are packed as parishioners jockey for a seat. The fragrance of Easter lilies fills the sanctuary. Parishioners are dressed in their Sunday best.

This scene most likely plays out similarly in many Christian churches across the world. The hallmark of Hope Lutheran Palm Desert is the dash of fun and creativity that leads up to and teases the story of resurrection.

God Loves Peeps


Two years ago, church leaders handed out business cards and erected billboards that read, “God loves his Peeps.”

You’ve got to admit, it was pretty clever. It was a conversation starter and attracted newcomers. And, it was fun, which is at the heart of Hope Lutheran, its pastors and its church family.  The effort was not a one-and-done showpiece.



EasterLast year, church leaders came up with yet another saying that was equally clever and enticing. It was a straightforward message with that signature dash of fun. This time it was, “Get your tail in church this Easter.”

With the coronavirus closing churches for in-house worship services and residents ordered to stay home, Easter services will be held online.

“I think this Easter we have a unique opportunity to engage more people than we ever have before with the hope and love of Jesus,” the Rev. Dr. Gerald Sharon, Associate Pastor, told Uken Report.

The stench of death and disease failed to dampen the spirits or creativity of Hope Lutheran leaders. Their message of welcoming all to worship remains consistent. And, it’s done in trademark style.


Hope Lutheran of Palm Desert Easter Invite

So, that’s your invite.

What are you waiting for?








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