With Calvert you also get and experienced and professional staff in his DC and District offices. [Opinion]

U.S. Rep. Ken Calvert, a Republican from Corona has made it official; he’s running for Congress to represent a new district which now includes major portions of the Coachella Valley.

He will be running for re-election next year in a newly drawn district that groups several Coachella Valley cities — including Palm Springs, La Quinta, Rancho Mirage and Palm Desert — with Menifee, Norco and Corona in western Riverside County.

The Congressman is unapologetic for his voting record in the past. He has been in Congress for decades and unlike others who make serving in DC a career yet can’t point to accomplishments that benefit the district, state, and nation, Calvert can.

He gets along with his Democratic colleagues and enjoys an outstanding relationship with California’s ranking member, Sen. Diane Feinstein. This is likely because he is a ranking member on the House Appropriations Committee not necessarily his philosophy on public policy, but it has worked for California, his district, and the nation.

The last time I spent any time with Congressman Calvert was at the Reagan Defense Forum. As a corporate sponsor while serving as Vice Chairman and Executive Vice President of CGUSA I was impressed with his adroit knowledge of national Defense and foreign policy. He understands the threats America faces from China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea better than most.

You’ll find him very supportive of public education. He has a long track record of encouraging education in science and technology. You can differ with Calvert on topics important to teachers’ unions, but you’ll find he is in support of your parental rights in your children’s schools.

With Calvert you also get and experienced and professional staff in his DC and District offices. They know the Hill and they get things done.

A large concentration of Veterans resides in the new District. Many of them need help working through the bureaucracy at the VA and Calvert, who is the son of a Veteran, will ensure your issues get addressed. He is highly respected by Veterans Service Organizations and can be counted upon by those in need of help.

Law Enforcement relied heavy on Congressman Calvert after the 9-11 terror attacks. In Riverside County, his efforts resulted in a major grant to fund a full time SWAT/EST unit for the Sheriff’s Department. Without those funds RSO wouldn’t have been able to afford a full-time team that today averages over one to two missions or call outs per week. He was also the major player in getting a professional training center to the Sheriff at no cost. The former Stategic Air Command Headquarters serves thousands of law enforcement and public safety personnel each year.

The Coachella Valley has always put a premium on preserving parks and open space. Calvert was called upon to do heavy lifting on the Salton Sea, Joshua Tree, and scenic areas in the District. He was successful in all three with pushing funds and designations through.

Some are already characterizing Congressman Ken Calvert had “too conservative” for some communities in the district.  I have found him and friends on the “Blue Team” have told me how open and helpful he was.

Make no mistake; he is a business owner, and he isn’t going to waste your time on idle chit chat. Some say, and I quote “Ken’s from the no BS network.”

Rest assured you will be treated with respect from Ken Calvert no matter your issues. energy, environment, defense, job training, Veterans Affairs, economy, LQBTQ, policy, regulatory impacts and reforms, or a visit to his DC or District office.

You might disagree with Ken Calvert. I have on more than a few votes, and yet you’ll find him the absolute best choice to get things done for the nation, state, and your family.

Sure, he is “center right.” Congressman Al McCandless, Sono Bono, and Mary Bono were also “center right” and with few exceptions you would find good reviews from both the “Blue and Red politicos and more important those he was elected to serve.

Look for a spirited race and expect Ken Calvert to run on his record and not from it. He has nearly a million dollars in campaign funds and he’s an accomplished fund raiser.

Whomever the “Blues” field will have his or her hands full. Let’s not forget the “Blue” team has to defend against policies promoted by an Administration whose approval ratings are playing racquetball off the curb.

Stay tuned as the Calvert and Ruiz races may be nailbiters! Both members of Congress are early favorites to win re-election, according to the consultants and handicappers.





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