Desert Sands Unified School District, serving the communities of Indian Wells, Indio, Palm Desert, and La Quinta, is now accepting kindergarten registrations for students in the new dual immersion language program.

Children who will be five years old on or before September 1, 2019 are eligible to be a part of this program. For the first time in Desert Sands Unified School District, dual language immersion kindergarten is being offered at both Andrew Jackson Elementary School in Indio and Ronald Reagan Elementary School in Palm Desert. This English/Spanish program will take these students from kindergarten through fifth grade. No prior familiarity with either language is required.

To register your child at either of these schools call the school directly: Andrew Jackson Elementary 760-775-3830 or Ronald Reagan Elementary 760-772-0456.

Regular kindergarten registration opens on April 22 and is available for children who will be five years old on or before September 1, 2019. Transitional kindergarten registration also opens on April 22 for children who will have their 5th birthday between September 2 and December 2 of that school year.  Registration takes place at the school to be attended. Parents and guardians of eligible kindergartners should call the neighborhood school for times of registration. A list of school phone numbers is provided at the end of this article or can be found by clicking here. Kindergarten in Desert Sands Unified School District is a full day program at most of these schools.

The following documents are required for a completed registration for transitional kindergarten, regular kindergarten, and dual language immersion kindergarten:

1.     Proof of residency, one of the following is required:

  • current utility bill with physical address
  • or, lease or rental agreement on letterhead, listing name of the parent/guardian
  • or, escrow papers listing the name of the parent/guardian; closing date must be within four (4) weeks of the start of the school term
  • or, affidavit of residency from person with whom the guardian and student are residing with, and a current utility bill (gas or electric) of that resident, and a copy of both parties’ driver licenses.

2.     Proof of birth, one of the following is required (PHOTOCOPIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED):

  • Birth certificate or hospital certificate or notarized affidavit or immigration document or baptismal record/church certificate or physician’s certificate or other (adoption papers, court decree, passport)

3.     Proof of guardianship, if student does not live with parents, one of the following is required:

  • Legal guardianship, court ordered (i.e. foster care)
  • Affidavit of parental responsibility (signature must be witnessed by school district official) Definition: Any person with whom the minor is residing, and with whom the parent/guardian is in agreement, and who is willing to complete the form.
  • Caregiver’s authorization affidavit (signature must be witnessed by school district official) Definition:  a “qualified relative” of the minor child and with whom the minor child resides, and the parents are not accessible to give consent.

4.     Transcripts and withdrawal grade

5.     Approved transfer is necessary, if student lives outside the school boundaries:

  • Stamped Intra-district transfer: if student is transferring from within the boundaries of Desert Sands Unified School District.
  • Inter-district transfer: if student lives outside the boundaries of Desert Sands Unified School District. (Transfer is initiated at the school district of residence.  The transfer can be denied by DSUSD if there is no space or if student has attendance, or discipline problems.)

6.     Immunization record – one of the following is required:

  • Stamped immunization booklet with dates and physician signature for all required immunizations
  • or, a copy of a school immunization card
Kindergarten Registrations Now Accepted at DSUSD

Kindergarten today is not your parents’ kindergarten. John Kennedy Elementary School students and their teacher Nora Maurer created a Santa’s Workshop story on their tablets and presented it to the DSUSD Board of Education in December 2018.

Additional requirements for students entering transitional kindergarten, kindergarten, and/or grades 1-7:

  • Physical examination (form PM 171A): completed within six (6) months of the date child is entering transitional kindergarten/kindergarten, or within 18 months of entering 1st grade.
  • MMR: transitional kindergarten/kindergarten through seventh grade, two (2) doses must have been given on or after the first birthday.
  • Hepatitis B: Transitional kindergarten/kindergarten and above require three (3) doses.
  • Polio: Four (4) doses at any age, but three (3) doses meet the requirement for ages 4-6 if at least one (1) was given on or after the fourth birthday.
  • DTP/DTaP: Five (5) doses, at any age, but four (4) doses meet requirements for ages 4-6, if at least one (1) was given on or after the fourth birthday.
  • Tdap or DTap or DTP: One (1) dose is given on or after the 7th birthday for ALL students promoting to 7th grade and all NEW students entering 7th-12th grade.
  • Varicella/chickenpox immunization: verification/vaccine prior to enrolling in school.
  • Dental exam: oral health assessment completed by a licensed dental professional for children entering public school for the first time at transitional kindergarten/kindergarten or first (1st) grade.

To find the school that is geographically assigned to your student, please click here. For information on Head Start, early childhood education, middle schools, and high schools, please contact the school directly. Phone numbers are available by clicking here.


Lead photo caption: A parent looks at Richard Oliphant Elementary School kindergartners at work on their tablets.

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