The foundation of American life is on the line in this country when we go to the polls Nov 3rd. There are those that are determined to undermine our Constitution; those who want to create serious domestic anarchy; those who proselytize embracing socialism, and those seeking power whom choose to fuel the malfeasance witnessed in our streets with riots, and those who dangerously choose to remain silent and ignore it.

The left-leaning media is complicit in fueling racism and violence throughout this Country in an effort to take President Trump and the Republicans DOWN in November. The costs have never been higher for the “Soul and Survival” of this nation, as the left will do ANYTHING to unseat this President.

Let me be explicitly clear. ‘I hate white supremacists.’ I hate those who “hate anyone” on the basis of one’s skin color, which religion they worship, or who they love. I pray for our armed forces throughout defending freedom across the globe protecting us from evil empires; I pray that the police men and women who have a very dangerous job of protecting us, come home safely to their families every day. The rare police man or police women that may use their given powers to hurt any citizen unnecessarily or stripping one of their civil rights, should be appropriately tried in a court of law and punished if so ordered, and NOT be tried by our biased media.

George Floyd’s death was a travesty and the police officers shall go to trial and be appropriately punished as the court proceedings conclude. Addressing an apparent injustice by instigating a “frenzy of injustices”, like condoning the violent riots in our streets and the complete decimation of businesses small and large by lawless looters, is unforgiveable by the hoodlums that participate in such blatant disregard for human decency.

The tone-deaf Mayors and Council Members in these urban blue cities that just ignore their responsibilities to contain and mitigate such violence is “shameful and a clear abdication of their duties and responsibilities” as elected officials. They all took an “oath of office” supporting and defending State Constitutions in their respective States including our Federal document. How can these brutish elected officials in cities like Portland, Milwaukee, Chicago, etc. collect their fat taxpayer funded salaries, their gold-plated healthcare plans, and their lucrative tax payer funded pensions, in contrast to those innocent souls that put their life’s savings into their “tax-paying” businesses to make an honest living, to just stand by idly, and let this lawlessness continue to decimate, ruin, and bankrupt these brave entrepreneurs, many of whom are minorities themselves?.

The unfortunate shooting of Kenosha County resident Jacob Blake reignited the malfeasance we have witnessed in other cities. Some media have already been the “Judge and Jury“ fueling racist innuendos and empowering more rioting and looting in the streets.

Here’s what I know in my many years as an elected official. Domestic violence cases are the most dangerous calls police respond to. Forty percent of all deaths of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty were responding to a domestic violence calls from 2010 to 2016. Police officers are allowed to be armed for one simple reason….to protect themselves and the citizens they were entrusted to protect from dangerous and potentially dangerous hoodlums. Being a police man or woman is a very dangerous job, that hopefully one day soon, we should as Americans return to a time we show our thanks to them putting their lives on the line first…to protect ours. Forgive me if you don’t like that I am a “law and order” guy, but that I will NEVER change that. There has to be consequences to committing crimes and putting innocent people’s lives in danger in this politically correct era of “decriminalizing crime.” My friends, every police officer has the right to protect themselves and the victimized citizens they have sworn to protect, from dangerous people or those that create a dangerous environment from those not following clear orders given to them. This unfortunate incident was the result of the police being called to an escalating domestic violence call.

Mr. Blake allegedly did not listen to police commands given to him. Not obeying commands, he reached into his car (maybe for a weapon?) against police orders and the police, in a split second, chose to protect themselves or risk putting their lives in jeopardy. What would you have done if you were a police officer called if a potentially violent person did not listen to your orders and commands, and reached into his/her car to grab something? Fire your weapon, or wait to be potentially fired upon? Should we require the police to never fire at a violent unruly or disobedient alleged criminal unless the alleged criminal fires first at the officer?

Many police shootings could be prevented IF the assailant(s) would only listen to the police officer’s orders! The police have every right to protect themselves from potentially dangerous people and if we don’t give them that right to protect themselves, we will see rampant vacancies on police rosters from coast to coast! Would we sent our troops into Afghanistan to fight the Taliban with the order that our troops can’t fire at them unless fired upon first? That would be crazy and result in many of our troops be unnecessarily killed. Why should our police that are protecting our lives potentially with their own lives be treated any differently? Do their “lives matter” as much as the lives of our brave troops?

A full investigation of this incident should and will happen, and in due time, we will learn the details of what happened in the streets of Kenosha County Wisconsin this tragic day. The Kenosha district attorney shall examine whether any laws were broken and will appropriately file charges where such laws were breeched. We must trust our system of justice to do the right thing without jumping to conclusions before all the facts are known. After all, at least today, under our Constitution, one is presumed innocent until proven guilty by jury of one’s peers and, our Constitution ensures equal justice for all. There are many on the left that want to abandon our constitution and these principles, letting the media be “judge and jury”, strip us of our second amendment rights, limit our ability to fully express ourselves on media, especially social media, condemn a police officer deemed guilty of crime that has not been proven guilty, vilify those that have a different opinion than our own, and don’t stand up or fight against the injustice of crimes perpetrated on our innocent citizens and the businesses they own and built from the ground up.

Do we embrace our Constitution or abandon it on Nov 3rd?

I embrace it and I hope you will, too.


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